2015 Race Schedule and Goals

I am on top of my game – it only took me until midway through the month to put up my “Start of January” post. Go me!

As I was waiting for my computer to load (library internet…) I was scrolling through Bloglovin’ and saw The Athletarian’s Marathon Monday post…and proceeded to have a heart attack.

What? Is it Monday? There is no way it can possibly be only Monday. Nope. Just Tuesday afternoon. 😉 Although when you read this it will be Monday morning, and hallelujah for that. Is it sad that it is only the second week of the semester (and an easy one at that) and the week is already dragging? Pray for me, please.


I’ve decided that I definitely need to take advantage of this Vancouver “winter”. This came to me when I was regretting wearing my (relatively light) raincoat because I was too warm. I don’t think there has ever been a day in my life during the month of January that I was too warm.

Anywhoville, the winter/spring races are now a must! I give myself (fairly legitimate, in my opinion) reasonable excuses to skimp out on running outside during Edmonton winters, considering the -30 and all.

10-milesThis blizzard is permanently burned into my brain.

So I am incredibly excited at the prospect of being able to race a ton throughout this second semester! This is what I am looking at for the upcoming year:

January 25: Chilly Chase 10km: I love racing 10Ks! They are short enough that I don’t need to train for them, but long enough that I feel super accomplished at the end (if I go fast). I’m not expecting a PR at this one, given my lack of training, but it will still be fun. (And most definitely not chilly)

March 7: Hot Chocolate 5km: I have actually only ever raced one 5K, which is completely ridiculous. It will be fun to see where my speed is at at this point! I probably would have picked a longer option, but the only available one was 10.4km and I just know that extra 0.4 would make me miserable

March 15: Shamrock 7 Miler: Why not, right? I may not make it out to this one depending on the start time, since it is in a city just outside of Vancouver. But 7 miles is a fun distance, and just qualifies my “long run” standard, hah!

April 19: Vancouver Sun Run 10km: This will  be another fun run – I’m doing it with a run club from school, so it will just be about enjoying the sights and saving my legs for the next weekend.


April 26: Edmonton Police Half Marathon: Sadly, this race is totally up in the air. It’s the only half marathon in Edmonton that works with my schedule, but UBC exams run from April 15-19. So if I get suuuuper duper lucky and have all four of my exams before this date, I will most definitely be game. But you very well may find me dying in the library instead.

May 31: Calgary (half!) Marathon: I want to say that the Calgary Half is up in the air too, only because it starts at 6:30am!!!! What on earth is this blasphemy?! It’s only a half hour earlier than last year but it still seems ridiculous. I will probably just suck it up, though, given how much I love this race and all. I want a PR here for sure! I’m thinking 1:50 is a reasonable goal, but what I really want is 1:45.

almost-happyThis classy awkwardness (minus the awful headband) will be repeated!

August 15: SeaWheeze Half Marathon: No PRs here! From what I’ve heard it’s a super hilly course, so I’m planning on enjoying the ride and being so incredibly grateful to have gotten in! I’ve wanted to run this race every since it was created (three?) years ago.

Annnd, that is it for now. I realize it looks like I am planning to completely ignore prime racing season (aka the beauty of fall running), but that is absolutely not the case. I just have no idea where I will be! On Monday I applied to the Bachelor of Media Studies, and I’m thinking that if I don’t get into that I want to take a year off from university. I hate the idea of spending thousands of dollars just drifting through a degree I don’t really want, so I am willing to take the time to figure that out! It also doesn’t hurt that I have a tentative plan to share an apartment in Toulouse with my friend going to school there. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Really, the only race I care about this year is the half marathon. I want to own that distance!

What is your #1 goal/wish/plan for 2015?


2 thoughts on “2015 Race Schedule and Goals

  1. I know what you mean about the week dragging by- I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday!
    Wow, you have a packed racing clalendar! I only have one race planned so far, a 10 miler, because I usually sign up for races last minute 🙂

  2. Well you really have a lot to strive towards in terms of running this year (which is great). Like you said in the previous post, it’s having these set races that will give you the motivation to get out there and train seeing as you are working towards a goal. And I really hope you get into the Media Studies course, after all you’ve been through (computer science ha). It really does seem futile drifting through a course (that costs a fortune). Ya gotta do something you love!

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