5 Things You Don’t Know About Me.

So, apparently I am unable to get over the randomness from yesterday’s Thinking Out Loud, which means today I am bringing you a whole heap more of the stuff. The contrast between home and dorm life has made me realize a few incredibly strange compulsions / quirks of mine…so what better thing to do than share them on the internet, for the whole world to see?

1. I always think that I forgot to lock my door / turn off the oven. I’ve been late to work because I had to get off the bus to make sure the oven was off. I have called a friend living in residence to make her go check that my door was locked, because I was too far away to check it myself. I have never actually experienced forgetting one of the above things…but for some reason I am incredibly paranoid that it is going to happen.


2. I always need to be drinking something. Whether it’s water, tea (<- I actually just wrote tee…it’s not like I want to be an English major or anything), or coffee (COFFEE), if I am not actively doing something, I need a liquid within arm’s reach. Preferably warm and comforting, but my usual in-class staple is my CamelBak full of water. It is an incredibly helpful distraction when I’m bored in class, and also makes any activity more pleasurable. I actually told my mom this past December that I would do anything she wanted if she added “Let’s get a coffee and…” to the sentence. And it is 110% true.

image-16This was the first time I painted my nails in 3 years, by the way. 

3. I hate chewing in front of people. If everyone else is eating then it’s fine. But if I’m eating a snack in class or munching on apple with my roommate in our room, I get super self-conscious. It’s not even people watching me eat that bothers me – it’s that I hear the sounds in my head and feel like I am making such a racket. 😉

4. When I’m nervous, I stand in poor Irish dance form. This may just be the weirdest one – it’s completely unconscious, and so in an uncomfortable situation I will 99% of the time find myself standing with my legs crossed and feet pointed inwards. It’s not the most comfortable way to stand so I have no idea how I got into it – but it’s definitely stuck.


5. If I don’t do squats at the start of my workout, I refuse to do them. I’m not sure how “odd” this is, but it is literally impossible for me to squat after another exercise. I just find them so taxing, and a full-body workout, that I can never give them my all even the slightest bit fatigued. That said, it has been too long since I’ve been in the rack.

I hope you enjoyed laughing at me! Linking up with Clare for Five Things Friday! 🙂

What is one strange thing about yourself? 


2 thoughts on “5 Things You Don’t Know About Me.

  1. I wish I could steal some of your drinking ability haha. I swear, I’m just plain awful at drinking water and so I’m constantly dehydrated. I’ve discovered that I’m able to drink loads of tea and coffee (coffee soul sisters <3) though, so I try to get in liquid from that if I can. Merghhhhhh.

  2. it’s all right, I’m that way with water! haha. and with the workout- I’m like that with pull ups! there’s certain things I like to do in certain orders, but my routine at the gym was: run, stretch, pullups, workout.
    and there was this girl in my dorm who hated chewing sounds. as in, she couldn’t eat cereal alone or if the room was quite. so funny 😀 haha

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