First Year, Second Semester

So, I did it! I actually survived. I was planning on writing this post yesterday, as my “first official post back” BUT then I remembered my most favourite Thinking Out Loud linkup with my favourite blogger Amanda and knew today was when it had to happen. 😉


1. I survived. Someone had to say it! I managed to make it through my first semester with four Bs and one A! And yes, that means I got at least a B in ALL FIVE of my courses which means I PASSED FREAKING COMPUTER SCIENCE. I would have been equally happy with a 51% but I am pretty damn proud of that 76%. I’m fairly confident I got an A on the final since my mark was atrocious before, and I am deeply sorry if this sounds arrogant, but I seriously deserved that. I’m just soooo so relieved to put that course behind me.

ComputerScienceNever again, sucker. Until, um, fourth year. 

2. But computer science has a rival. Most likely not to the point of crying in exams again, BUT I am seriously dreading my Film Studies course. It’s required for my program, and has THREE AND A HALF HOUR LECTURES. You. Guys. I despise watching movies because I hate sitting still for so long, and now I get to do that every week. On a Monday. While watching extremely long, extremely old films.

kill-meI make exceptions for painfully awkward movies, and movies with girls pretending to be angels in them. In that order. 

3. Time is different at school. It’s weird – I’m almost always in bed by midnight at home (party animal hollah), but here I don’t even think about putting my pyjamas on until then. It’s partly because I don’t have class until 10am (hashtag #spoiled) but mainly because I just can’t call myself a university student otherwise.

4. Coming back was SO easy. Leaving was easier too. It felt harder at some points, but overall I felt basically fine throughout the entire airport / arrival situation. Barely any tears! I think it’s because I have good friends that I was looking forward to seeing and a ton of fun stuff to do at school, whereas in August I was throwing myself into total unknown.

Vancouver snowman!  let's just pretend Olaf is not already melting .

5. But I still hate airports. When I walked up to the gate (after saying goodbye to my mom and mentally preparing myself to not see her for 3 months) I was informed that my flight was delayed three hours. And the guy didn’t even act like it was a big deal. I mean, sorry buddy, I’m just going to be missing my floor meeting and arriving at my dorm 7 hours before my first class.

6. I am a freezer hog. My most wonderful mother cooked 9 chicken breasts, a tonne of soup, and chickpeas for me to bring back. I made muffins and Amanda’s holiday energy bites to intersperse with dining hall / takeout food. Annnnd I am now taking up half the freezer with my delicious goods. #noshame. I didn’t have to use my student loan until January, so I am feeling way more stressed about finances right now. NO MORE BUYING EXPENSIVE FOOD COFFEE.

7. Coffee is still essential to life, though. I swear to you people I would not be alive without my Aeorpress. It takes less than one minute to make and clean, but most importantly makes impeccable coffee. Right now I’m drinking 49th Parallel.


8. Running is so much better here! I couldn’t bring myself to do much at home – I seem to have gone soft living in Vancouver. No going outside in -20 for me! My run this morning was eight degrees. I’m not gloating (but I totally am).

9. How do you insert emojis into a WordPress post? In the spirit of Thinking Out Loud randomness, heres a curveball for ya! I just decided that a certain face was perfect to go after “eight degrees” but have no idea how to get it. I’ve seen them in posts before, so I know it’s possible! Someone help a girl out. (Also, does it mean I have a problem if I mentally insert emojis into my sentences?)

What is your city’s temperature right now? Eight degrees again here. And -18 in Edmonton. 😉

Best thing about today? EIGHT. DEGREES.

9 thoughts on “First Year, Second Semester

  1. i leave for school on Sunday and I am actually excited to go back. Mainly so that I’m not insanely bored! Although I could do with out the CT weather (9F) compared to the 40-50s I’ve been having at home.

  2. Glad to have you back! Congratulations on your excellent results, especially in computer science (knew you could do it!) I know what you mean about sitting still for several hours (for Film Studies) I would get very jittery after no time at all. In fact, in everyday classes I am often the victim of annoyed glares because of my leg shaking habit. Oh well. Oh, and it’s a strikingly not-so-chilly temperature of 30 degrees Celsius in my town haha.

  3. … 8 degrees? Don’t EVEN tell me that while I sit here in -17! But still… I’ll take that -17 over the -30 we were rocking a week ago. On my birthday. Thank you Edmonton. Jerk 😆

    I’m glad to hear that you’re having such an easier time transitioning to life back and forth, though. Things never end up being as bad as we make them out to be in our heads, eh?

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