My First University Finals: The Aftermath



Can you tell I’m relieved that this week is over?

1. You guys seriously made my week with all your encouraging comments on my last post! My computer science exam was definitely not easy, but I feel like I generally knew what I was doing – that, or I was just completely delusional to the actual complexity of the exam and got 10%. Let’s hope for the former.

2. As of yesterday, I am officially on my ONE MONTH of Christmas break. Hallelujah is all I can say. Even though my exams were difficult, and it sucked to have them both on one day, I know how lucky I am to only have had two and to get them over with so quickly. Lots of luck to everyone else still studying!!!

I’m not totally free though. Once I recover from the month of November (where I basically only breathed while sleeping -> I totally wrote “only slept while sleeping” first. No kidding, Emma…), it will be time to start working on my literature review due December 12.


There is no more accurate description of how I feel. After the whole 6:45am taxi / flying / etc. situation, I arrived home around 2pm on Thursday and proceeded to do absolutely freaking nothing all night long. It was so glorious. I obviously ended up on BuzzFeed, which I bookmarked for your procrastinating pleasure:


This past week was a total whirlwind – I distinctly remember it being Monday morning, and feeling completely overwhelmed with the amount of studying I had to do over the next two days, not to mention my monster Wednesday:

8:30am-11am: Computer Science Final Exam

12-3pm: work lunch

3:30-6pm: frantically cram for ignored French final due to computer science obsession

7-8:30pm: French Final Exam

9:00-12:00am: frantically throw stuff into suitcases, praying my dear mother will have a toothbrush for me

Collapse. Hope I fall asleep and don’t actually die.

Might actually be dead...

My French exam was actually pretty hilarious – I was SOFREAKINGDONE at that point that I was just bored during the entire thing and wanted to leave. I raced through it pretty quickly and ended up tapping my pencil, wondering when an appropriate time to leave was. As soon as I saw someone else hand in their paper, I booked the heck outta there!

I’m so happy to be back blogging again! Sacrificing it for work less interesting than staring at a wall was not fun, but it was definitely necessary. I hope it paid off – you will find out when I do! (Read: December 18. Mark your freaking calendars.)

^ Fun fact: my friend told me that while she was studying for computer science, she actually caught herself staring at the wall for a solid 5 minutes without even realizing, because it was more interesting than the actual subject. AMEN TO THAT SISTA.

But it’s over now, which is all that matters. Unless I fail, in which case…nope, not going there.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I’ll be drinking lots of Prosecco now that I’m legal again (Oh 19+ BC, how you destroy me) and doing a whole lotta NO WORK. See you Monday!

Tell me your longest day EVER.

Do you have finals now / soon? 


8 thoughts on “My First University Finals: The Aftermath

  1. I missed you ❤ I'm so glad that your finals are over and you have time to relax again! I'm sure you did fantastic on your French 😀
    By the way, I self hosted with Dream Host! If you happen to follow me on Bloglovin, please let me know if my posts show up in your feed – I can't tell if they will or not 🙂

  2. Hooray for exam freedom!! Cheers to that. With you there on Buzzfeed; it’s my ultimate procrastination mechanism. Can’t get enough of those vids. Ha. Well I can mark your exam results right next to my brother’s HSC results on the calendar. (Don’t know what you guys have in Canada but in Asutralia the HSC is the final high school exam) congrats on getting through computer science. It sounded like it was a tough chore…Enjoy your break!! (And glad to have you back!)

  3. AHHHHHHHHHH! Congrats! So glad you’re done :). I have my finals week coming up the week after next and I. want. to. die. I have psych on Tuesday, both English and Genetics on Thursday, and Neurobiology on Friday. Argh.

    Get your relax on! You deserve it and guess what…. YOU HAVE A FULL MONTH TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! Best feeling ever.

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