What It’s Really Like Coming Home from University

“How is there so much space?!”

“I absolutely must run around in circles”


“I would die happy if I could live in my bed forever”


“I wanna take a nap.”


“There is SO MUCH FOOD in the fridge! And it’s all FREE!!”


*in the middle of an argument* “I passed computer science. I win EVERYTHING.”

“Mom, bring me _______ please. I can’t get up.”



“Do you want my ID?”

“Here’s my ID”


^ that happens a lot. I make it a point.

Some things that will be interesting going back to school in January:

  • Do NOT EVER wake me up before 8am or I will physically harm you.
  • Do not attempt to start a conversation with me or expect me to be remotely productive before 10am.
  • Baking = the epitome of productivity
  • I am not required to remember anything, therefore I remember nothing

espressoExcept my coffee order. Espresso, obviously. 

And because of all the above, I’ve been pretty awesome at failing at life these past two weeks BY:

  • Smashing my foot into the dishwasher –> it’s now swollen and throbbing.
  • Forgetting if the above injury happened last night, this morning 20 minutes ago –> yup. no lie.
  • Forgetting my address –> I DON’T FREAKING LIVE HERE

All in all, it’s been a pretty amazing two and a half weeks at home. I still have two weeks left, and you had better believe I am going to be living it up before re-entering the “real world” –> in quotations because we all know university life is the best kind of life bubble. Here’s to thirteen more days of sleeping in, nonstop baking, personal space and a teeeeensy bit of productivity (damn program applications!)

Tell me one dumb thing you did recently! Make me feel better.


How I’m Getting Back into Running.

Bonjour friends.

While my first day-ish after arriving back home was incredibly relaxing, I have to say – the rest of my break has been anything but! It’s been pretty freaking jam-packed, but I am 100% okay with that. I do NOT do well with being bored, so it is probably for the best. But I do miss blogging regularly! So I suppose this is my “How I’m Getting Back into Running” while also getting back into blogging post. 🙂 🙂

Right around the middle of October, immediately following the UBC Great Trek 10K, something just snapped inside of me, and the idea of running even a few steps filled me with dread. It was getting dark outside, I hated running on the commons block treadmill and frankly, I wanted to SLEEP. My body was craving weight lifting with minimal cardio and I let it happen.

Then I ran the UBC Fall Classic 10K faster than the Great Trek and couldn’t walk for 3 days. Annnnd promptly stopped running. Which was fine by me – getting up for work at 8am was early enough for me, and a weight lifting session after my computer science lecture was always appreciated.


Once I got home, though, I really started to crave running again.

a) My dear mother bought a treadmill meaning I could just wake up and go, without having to make myself semi-presentable and/or trudge through the freezing cold, pitch black rain. (Notice the and/or? Yeah.)

b) Emma + commutes = nope. It was one thing for me to carry my sneakers in my backpack so that I could walk 5 minutes to the gym from class. It is another situation entirely to have to wait at the bus stop for an unknown amount of time (our bus drivers don’t seem to value their schedules very much) and THEN take a 20 minute bus ride just to get in a half-hour lifting session. SO the idea of a kick-ass workout with zero transport time became very appealing.

Plus I just started to miss running. 

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the past year, the most important thing is to listen to your gut. Do that, and everything will work out. Maybe not in the exact way or time frame that you might wish for, but it will. I’m not the type of person that can be hardcore about running for 6+ months at a time. I need focused training cycles followed by months where I don’t feel obligated to run. Right now, I’m excited to get my base training back (I’m hoping for 10 miles!) before I start training for the SeaWheeze Half Marathon in August! OMG I’m getting so excited again.

I have injured myself one too many times coming back to running too fast, so this time around will actually be different. I do not intend to run 7 miles at a fast pace and then have my legs literally buckle under me for a week (yes, that did actually happen), nor will I be busting out a set of Yasso 800s anytime soon. I may not be an expert, but this is my plan to become Emma the Runner (again).

tired-halfMy attractiveness overwhelms me too – it’s ok. 

  1. NO. GARMIN!!! Seriously – not allowed. When I run outside I’m running by songs – if I just want a quick run, I will go for 6 songs, or adjust accordingly. My treadmill doesn’t display pace automatically (I’m sure it’s easy to adjust), so I am leaving it that way and running by ambiguous mph.
  2. Work hard – but keep it short. I know a ton of advice out there says to start with suuuuper easy ~20 minute runs. Valid as that may be, that type of running would probably make me start to dread it again. So I’m allowing myself to work hard via tempo, intervals and hills, but am capping it at 5 miles right now. I will sloooowly increase that cap as I regain my fitness.
  3. Prioritize nutrition. You guys, I have been sucking at this. Breakfast at noon? Sure, why not? Gingerbread oreos at midnight because I’m starving (thanks to the above)? DUH. Food is fuel. It’s not about calories, it’s about nutrients. Running is incredibly taxing on our bodies, and it needs those nutrients to recover for the next run! Sorry seasonal oreos, you just aren’t cutting it anymore.

^ But I already finished the pack so it’s okay. 🙂

#1 tip for coming off a running break? 

Coming Home from University / Identity Crisis

Hey, guys.

So much for coming back right after my final exams, hey? I was a combination of energized and exhausted the day I got home, hence last Friday’s post. And then:

working every single day + writing a 2000 page essay due yesterday + readjusting to living at home = zero blogging capability

So now that I’ve had the entire weekend off, and more than enough sleepless nights listening to Ed Sheeran with my mind absolutely racing, I’m blogging. Because we all know I’m hopelessly awkward in conversation but as soon as my voice turns into visible words everything seems to make sense.

I talked about how much I loved my job a lot last year, and I blogged all the time about how incredibly sad I was to leave it. It was heartbreaking, but I was able to do it because I knew moving to Vancouver was the right thing for me. I still 100% believe that to be true – I am so much more confident and happy now that I’ve ever been. And yet, being home, there is nothing that makes me more happy than working again. My wonderful boss scheduled me for the entire month of December, and all my coworkers have hugged me and made me feel right at home.

I’m starting to learn how to steam milk / pour latte art and am fired up about it. I know – Emma, it’s milk! Get over it. But it really is more than that. It’s the whole coffee / barista world that I am becoming more and more passionate about and want it to consume my life.


I really could see myself working in a cafe for the rest of my life and being totally happy. Which is something that makes no sense to me – on one hand, I want to go to university, get a degree, a successful job in writing / health / fitness and all of that. But on the other hand…I just don’t really care about it anymore. I feel like I’ve lost my passion for my current program and don’t know what to do.

I can’t drop out of university to be a barista. I can’t move back to Edmonton and abandon the great life I’ve started to create. I can’t get a job at a cafe in Vancouver and pretend like it’s the same as the one I feel totally at home at, where I would 110% pull a mattress over and move in if I could.

I am excited to go back to school. I want to see my friends, and I really do enjoy my classes. But am I seriously going to spend four years and tens of thousands of dollars on something that is just “kind of interesting”? Just wait it out until I can travel to France and then move back home and do what I wanted to do four years ago?

Judge me and tell me all your philosophical opinions on life. I’ll just be over here practicing latte art with my trusty 4L milk jugs. (<– I just wrote “milk hugs”. Coincidence? I think not.)

My First University Finals: The Aftermath



Can you tell I’m relieved that this week is over?

1. You guys seriously made my week with all your encouraging comments on my last post! My computer science exam was definitely not easy, but I feel like I generally knew what I was doing – that, or I was just completely delusional to the actual complexity of the exam and got 10%. Let’s hope for the former.

2. As of yesterday, I am officially on my ONE MONTH of Christmas break. Hallelujah is all I can say. Even though my exams were difficult, and it sucked to have them both on one day, I know how lucky I am to only have had two and to get them over with so quickly. Lots of luck to everyone else still studying!!!

I’m not totally free though. Once I recover from the month of November (where I basically only breathed while sleeping -> I totally wrote “only slept while sleeping” first. No kidding, Emma…), it will be time to start working on my literature review due December 12.


There is no more accurate description of how I feel. After the whole 6:45am taxi / flying / etc. situation, I arrived home around 2pm on Thursday and proceeded to do absolutely freaking nothing all night long. It was so glorious. I obviously ended up on BuzzFeed, which I bookmarked for your procrastinating pleasure:


This past week was a total whirlwind – I distinctly remember it being Monday morning, and feeling completely overwhelmed with the amount of studying I had to do over the next two days, not to mention my monster Wednesday:

8:30am-11am: Computer Science Final Exam

12-3pm: work lunch

3:30-6pm: frantically cram for ignored French final due to computer science obsession

7-8:30pm: French Final Exam

9:00-12:00am: frantically throw stuff into suitcases, praying my dear mother will have a toothbrush for me

Collapse. Hope I fall asleep and don’t actually die.

Might actually be dead...

My French exam was actually pretty hilarious – I was SOFREAKINGDONE at that point that I was just bored during the entire thing and wanted to leave. I raced through it pretty quickly and ended up tapping my pencil, wondering when an appropriate time to leave was. As soon as I saw someone else hand in their paper, I booked the heck outta there!

I’m so happy to be back blogging again! Sacrificing it for work less interesting than staring at a wall was not fun, but it was definitely necessary. I hope it paid off – you will find out when I do! (Read: December 18. Mark your freaking calendars.)

^ Fun fact: my friend told me that while she was studying for computer science, she actually caught herself staring at the wall for a solid 5 minutes without even realizing, because it was more interesting than the actual subject. AMEN TO THAT SISTA.

But it’s over now, which is all that matters. Unless I fail, in which case…nope, not going there.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I’ll be drinking lots of Prosecco now that I’m legal again (Oh 19+ BC, how you destroy me) and doing a whole lotta NO WORK. See you Monday!

Tell me your longest day EVER.

Do you have finals now / soon?