Friday Favourites

I’m back to link up with Heather for Friday Favourites! I find these posts to be just as wonderful as Thinking Out Loud to get out all of the random things running around in my brain. I’ve somehow discovered a whole heap of new things these past two weeks, so I’m super excited to share them. 🙂


Brazil nuts: I randomly found a container of these in my bag and have seriously become addicted to them. They are huge, and I love them for when I’m mostly satisfied after a meal but I just kind of want something. This is most definitely unintentional, but I usually realize that my meals are somewhat low in fat after I eat them, so these are extra perfect for me! Just one brazil nut provides over 100% of our daily selenium needs as well, which can help fight off fatigue, vision loss, and lots of other unpleasant symptoms.

Michael Buble Christmas. This album is from 2011. Can you believe it?! And it is still pretty much everyone I know’s all-time favourite holiday album. There is just absolutely nothing like his melt in your mouth voice .<– yep I most definitely did just say that. Also, he’s Canadian, so #represent.

Only reason I'm functioning this morning...BEFORE coffee!!

Hogwarts in the Snow: I came across this on Twitter and am at a loss for words. As soon as I found out they were opening this studio (how many years ago now?!), it’s been a dream of mine to go. I am seriously considering making this a thing next year.


Dumbbell chest presses: Unless I show up at 6:30am, the bench presses at my gym are always taken. I really want to improve mine, so I was not interested in skipping the exercise altogether! I found an empty bench, and tried out dumbbell chest presses – holy man alive are they hard! I usually bench press 55 lbs (and struggle…hence why I want to improve it!), so I grabbed two 25lbs and just about died. It’s a miracle I didn’t actually break my chest – these will most definitely become a staple for me!

Peppermint chocolate: This lasted maybe two days?! So. Much. Good. I am quite literally going to buy 10 bars the next time I go to Whole Foods so that I have enough to last me through December.


 Rebel Wilson Denture Infomercial

I already loved this girl…put her in the same room as Ellen? Literal tears from laughter.

Some Excellent Reading

I can’t help but save some of the links that I come across on Twitter – these are two of my favourites!

Tell me one thing you are loving this week! 


7 thoughts on “Friday Favourites

  1. Girl. Don’t even get me started on Michael Buble. His voice IS honey. Like, I would eat his voice if I could…. So soothing. I have an entire CD in my car that I always listen to when I drive back home of him. CAN’T WAIT to break out the Christmas music! And aren’t brazil nuts tasty? I first tried them when my friend got a huge container of mixed nuts from Costco and they were included. So big. So tasty.

  2. I’m so gad I’m not the only one who thinks dumb bell presses are harder than regular! I’m up to about 60lbs wit the bar now, but I can do like 25 on each side with dumbells 🙂 I might have to start doing Friday Favourites … this looks awesome 🙂

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