Consequences of Sock-less Workouts and Fire Alarms

1. I experienced my first pulled fire alarm last night. Yep – in the wee hours of the morning, lucky ol’ me got to jump out of bed and wait in the freezing cold commons block for the firetrucks to arrive. And knowing what’s happened in the past, I’m almost positive it was someone

a) smoking in their room

b) microwaving a potato

c) something equally as stupid (or worse? if that’s even possible)

Lack of sleep = lack of brain functionality (let’s be real though…do I ever seem to have that these days?) = Thinking Out Loud with the lovely Spoons!


2. There are thirteen days until my computer science final. I am unable to comprehend that and am moving on to the next thought so as to avoid a nervous breakdown.


3. Don’t workout with no socks. I sorta didn’t have another option since I was halfway changed when I realized I only had my knee-high woollen socks…but you guys – blisters know no bounds. They are worse than my shin splits.

4. The sun was nice while it lasted, Vancouver. We had this random (but SO appreciated) ~2 weeks of beautiful blue skies and a bright sun…which has now left us, just in time for finals.


Appropriate, I think? Ah, well…at least I’m not dealing with this (yet).

EdmontonWeatherI’m counting on at least 15 degrees colder by the time I get there. 

5. I should really take a hiatus from food blog gawking. The list of recipes I am planning to make has reached three pages…I have a serious problem. BUT I CAN’T STOP!! So, uh, anyone in the vicinity of Edmonton this December had better watch out, because I am going to have an embarrassingly large amount of baked goods to deliver.

6. Here is a very good reason to eat large amounts of peanut butter straight from the jar: OVERNIGHT OATS IN A JAR! I am almost done my current one and it just won’t. go away. fast enough. So I decided to give it some help. 🙂

7. This would make me incredibly happy…if it wasn’t so incredibly painful.

ComputerScienceHarry Potter lives on? 

8. Harry Potter lives on…but Emma may not. That is, unless I by some miracle figure out the above problem and / or don’t fail my final exam. So if I want to show up here on December 4, I’ve gotta get back to it!

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night? What happened?

I mean…other than boring things. 😉


8 thoughts on “Consequences of Sock-less Workouts and Fire Alarms

  1. You worked out with no socks on!??! 😯 Girlllll… I won’t even go out without a pair of socks [unless I’m wearing flip flops]. Blisters seriously take away my will to live. And the weather isn’t THAT bad in Edmonton! Compared to some of the winters we’ve had in the past, I feel like this one has actually been pretty mild so far!

    • Yup…it was pretty dumb. It’s actually pretty much gone already though, so I consider myself pretty lucky. 🙂
      Maybe I’m basing my judgement on the fact that it snowed in September…and I am losing ALL cold tolerance by living here. 😉

  2. Good luck with your exams!! I’m sure with all the hard work you’ve put in you’ll ace them! Hope those blisters heal soon. (At least your socklessness didn’t occur in a long race…that coulda been real painful)

  3. When I was younger, I was staying in a hotel and the fire alarm went off. However, that alarm was at a frequency that kids can’t hear while sleeping, so I had no idea what was going on and tried to go back to sleep! (It turned out to be nothing, but hey – that was exciting 😉

  4. I accidentally went on a work trip with no sports bra last week… I ended up wearing my normal bra, and two tank tops. Thankfully, I have like NO boobs but it still was far from ideal! I had to keep my jacket on even though I was boiling.

    Good luck with your exams!

    • Haha! That’s too funny. If I was you, I probably would have just been like “screw it” and thrown off the jacket. But there is zero chance of me working out with no sports bra – THAT would have made me go straight home. 😉

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