Morning Rockstar Playlist

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t exactly leap out of bed ready to tackle my day. I used to be that girl, but somewhere along the line the super long days started to get to me. There is no way I am giving in, though, or ready to even consider simply slogging through the day. I will not be that person unable to function until 12pm!

Aside from an embarrassing (just kidding I have no shame when it comes to my caffeine consumption) amount of coffee, I’ve taken to listening to super energetic music on all my walks throughout the day! I call it my “Morning Rockstar Playlist”, but it is seriously awesome for any time of the day! I’ve definitely played it for myself walking to the library at 7pm to crank out a few hours of studying. Like I said – no shame. 

Morning Rockstar Playlist

Here’s the thing, though – I sorta haven’t bought more than ~2 new songs since my half marathon in June. So this playlist has an oldies-but-goodies vibe to it. Right? Right. 🙂 In all seriousness, though – this playlist gets me moving! It doesn’t matter how much I’m dragging when I wake up, a little JT / Nicki Minaj and all of a sudden – watch out world. Especially you, computer science. 🙂

There’s a pretty strange awesome mixture of R&B / rap / pop in there, all of which is basically the style of music that would get you through mile 26 of a marathon.

I just registered for Spotify so that I could share this pretty little widget with you. I know it’s nothing like my graphic, but it’s cool. At least that is what I tell myself.

YOU’VE. FREAKING. GOT THIS. If I may quote the amazing / fantastic / inspirational RunEmz. Go take on your day! And let me know how Michelle Pheiffer makes the math / science / whatever gross part of your day that much better. 🙂

What is your #1 “go get ’em” song? 


One thought on “Morning Rockstar Playlist

  1. My number 1 “go get em” song has to be The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes. I always forgot my iPod at XC meets, but when I used to use Nike+, it was the power song that I always clicked when I went up hills.
    Also, is spotify free?

    And by the way, the ad in the corner of my screen right now is an add for “Computer & Information” sciences, which I think is pretty hilarious 🙂

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