New Balance Fall Classic 10K Race Recap


^ Yep. It’s one of those days. This post is coming at a slightly awkward time, right after announcing my running break, but I registered for this race back when I was on a running high, and I wasn’t about to back out just because! So although I hadn’t run in ~3 weeks, yesterday morning I woke up and headed over to the New Balance Fall Classic 10K!

I wasn’t planning on racing…but something about that atmosphere + the fact that my friend was a total speed demon made me push a lot harder. I’m glad – I ended up only 8 seconds slower than my PR, which is amazing given the severe lack of zero training lately. I also just realized that I technically ran faster than that – my Garmin totalled 6.33 miles!

Official time: 48:08

I can’t decide if this has reignited my love for running. Of course it was incredibly fun, and I love being around other runners / racers / enjoying the happy + active atmosphere, but running hurts! A lot! I know my body isn’t used to that type of impact so I should remember that…I may add in a couple of runs here and there to see how I feel, but will continue with zero pressure and quit them if the dread comes back. 🙂

My splits were pretty consistent between 7:40-7:58, with the exception of mile 2 in 7:22…which  makes sense because by the time I saw the 3km mark (the end of mile 2) I was cursing the universe and wondering how I wasn’t even halfway done.

Might actually be dead...

At the 8km marker, or 5 miles, I was so so close to walking. My legs seriously felt like they were no longer working and made of lead and bricks and lots of unpleasant ingredients. I kept repeating to myself “just keep going” and “just don’t stop” and somehow I made it through.

I also got an awesome boost at the very end where my friend cheered me on to the finish! I found a kick out of nowhere and actually finished strong! And then completely failed to stop my Garmin out of exhaustion / attempting not to vomit on the volunteers so no Garmin shot. Unless I want you to think I ran super slow and I’m sorry, after that kind of pain my ego will not allow that.

10kraceSo the recycled one will have to do…it’s only 8 seconds anyway. 

What’s next: I know I said I’m not sure how I feel about running…but you guys! The Hypothermic Half Marathon is calling my name. It just feels like something an Albertan is obligated to experience – especially in Vancouver where I will likely think it is summer as everyone else freezes their but off.

Okay, maybe not summer, but after spending December in Edmonton I am pretty sure I will be tough enough to handle -10C. (we get down to -40C PLUS windchill)

What’s the best thing you did this weekend?


10 thoughts on “New Balance Fall Classic 10K Race Recap

  1. after not running for 3 weeks, that’s an awesome time! and wow, -40*?? (i am assuming that is C right?!) good luck!!
    on a semi-similar note, i only run about 1x/2weeks, so running every once in a while is okay. my goal this summer/fall was to run a 10k, but i never got to it:/ just ~4.2 miles. i’ve been conisistantly running 3-4 miles at ~9:10 pace (by best 5k pace is ~9), and i just ran 5 miles yesterday after not running for a few weeks at 9:27, and i felt good! I hope i canbe faster one day, but probably not down in the low 7’s like you! so congrats and good luck in sschool and running still 😀

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