University Life Lessons

1. I had so many ideas running through my brain this morning. I was all “I’ve got this post written out entirely in my head!” And, then we get to the end of the day and I’m at a total blank. It’s weird because I don’t actually feel incredibly tired, but when I look back on how long my days have been I know that I am. This calls for a authentic, random thought-vomit Thinking Out Loud! All of the things I have decided are true in life since starting university. Because they are. Just trust me on this one.


2. A ponytail is a good look. Because let’s be real, expending the time and energy to physically walk all the way across your 3 foot dorm room and then straighten your hair just isn’t worth it.

3. Ramen noodles smell delicious. I have no intention on eating them…but our floor lounge smells permanently of instant noodles and I have to say, I don’t hate it.

4. I do get it, though. Being too lazy for food is a real thing. I cannot believe I am actually saying this. But more times than I can count recently I’ve been annoyed that I was hungry because I was

a) intensely working on a problem

b) just didn’t want to get up

If I’m being honest it’s a pretty even split between the two. 😉

yogurt-berry-granola-bowlI don’t understand how I had the time for this. 

5. Keep valuables on you at ALL TIMES. Or they will be stolen and you will end up phone-less <– yes that actually happened yesterday afternoon, but no I am not freaking out. I’m taking this as an opportunity to realize that it is not my kidney, and stop wasting SO MUCH TIME on it! Seriously! These next few weeks I need to be as productive as ever. Although I will hopefully be getting a new one ASAP…the principle is good. 🙂

6. Bikes can be murder weapons. Every time I see someone riding towards me (which at UBC is basically every 2 minutes) I stop dead in my tracks. Those people seem like they are trying to run you over!

7. Exercise = quick + efficient. My brain is physically unable to comprehend the line of people at the gym waiting in line for a treadmill. I see it every day and cannot wrap my head around it.

compound-crusher-workoutMy current favourite via The Fitnessista! 

8. There is such a thing as being too confused for questions. 

computer-science-codeDon’t believe me? Just take CPSC 110. 

9. Being happy is worth the struggles. For the first time in so long, I feel genuinely happy. I find myself grinning as I walk to class for no reason other than I feel like it. My days are long but I love every second of them. I basically jumped out of an airplane and let my comfort zone explode, but all the pain in the beginning has been worth it ten thousand times over. ❤

I’m ending on 9 today because that’s my favourite number. 🙂

What is one weird thing you love the smell of? 

I also adore white-out and gasoline!


10 thoughts on “University Life Lessons

  1. Awwr #9 made me smile big time! Life is craziness for me at the moment as well with school, blogging, and work, but I honestly wouldn’t trade it for the world. I wouldn’t mind having a personal chef around, though — you’re right about hunger being a constant pain in the butt 😆

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