My Favourite Ways to Relax

I was -thisclose-  to starting off this post with “Happy Monday!”, since yesterday was a holiday and I was joyfully free from all my classes. It didn’t feel remotely like a weekend, though. Shall we do a quick recap?

4:45am: wake up. Glance at time. Curse time. Attempt to fall back asleep. Fail.

5:30am: unable to handle the idea of lying in bed wasting time, so gather my blanket, computer science notes and head out to the floor lounge to do some studying (my roommate was obviously still asleep)

6:30am: stomach growls. take a quick break to eat an entire container of greek yogurt, plus apple + PB

7-12: study

12-12:30 gym (bad idea…I was yawning during my tricep dips)

12:30-7:30 study

Yeah. And it ended up being one of those horrible days where you mentally exhaust yourself, but feel like you got nothing done. I know I was all gung-ho about computer science yesterday, and while I still am in the big picture, I’m feeling really discouraged right now! I’ve been working on this problem set for hours and can’t. figure. it. out. But instead of drowning in my own frustration I decided to take a break to do some blogging, which will hopefully refresh me!

Making time for myself has been something I’ve been relatively good at for quite a while. I will have absolutely insane, nonstop, unbelievable days, but I do carve out at least a tiny bit of relaxing most days, and I fully credit that for my sanity. Especially at this point in the semester!


1. My morning routine. My mornings have been sacred for YEARS. I wake up, write/publish a blog post, comment on a few blogs, and then get ready. I always allow a lot of time in the morning so that I can do my makeup slowly, figure out my outfit, and just stay relaxed. After that’s all done I  make my breakfast which I eat curled up on the couch reading blogs. ❤ It’s the only part of my day that I don’t feel guilty for taking a break, and it has been an absolute lifesaver for me. I always have that time to breathe, sit still and not focus on what I need to accomplish for the day.

oatsPumpkin season makes breakfast that much better. 

2. A creative outlet. I used to avoid writing “just for fun” because I imagined that it would feel like work and I was already way too tired. I’ve always loved writing, but when I got incredibly stressed out it felt like “another thing to do” rather than just collapsing, my only wish. But since blogging regularly, writing relaxes me more than just flaking out! When I do lie on my bed for X amount of minutes, I always lose my motivation to start back up again and just become more and more fatigued. But when I blog, it’s like my brain switches gears, gets a break and I actually want to go back to work!

3. Music. I actually discovered this on my way home from the gym yesterday – I had my music playing and didn’t want to turn it off! Normally it’s just a filler for me, but yesterday afternoon I kept it playing and just jammed out! I ended up in an incredibly happy mood and felt 100% relaxed. 

4. Backing off on workouts. When I’m super busy, adding in a ton of intense workouts makes it impossible for me to relax. I’m too tired, so I just feel awful all day and never feel calm or rested. Lately I’ve just been doing a few 30 minute lifting-only sessions in the gym and it’s been perfect. Enough to feel like I’m doing something, without a ton of added stress on my body.


And that’s that! All the things that help me to actually relax when I rest, not just become lethargic and waste time. I hope everyone has a spectacular Wednesday!

What is your #1 time-suck?

Instagram for me, all the way!


5 thoughts on “My Favourite Ways to Relax

  1. Whilst motivation is the driving force behind achievement, I guess we can become so obsessed with the idea of success, that we push ourselves too far. Great to hear that whilst you have this aspiring motivation, you know when it’s time to cut back and chill out, because that’s SO important. It’s amazing how mentally and physically draining studying/exams are! You wouldn’t think that sitting down all day merely using brain power would affect excercise performance but it really does. After hours of exams yesterday, I went to running training afterwards and I. Was. Knackered. Body just needed a break. After training I got home and just had to have some therapeutic baking/reading/music time. All good now 🙂

    • I’m definitely guilty of pushing myself too far – I did it last night, staying up past 1am to do computer science, when I had to be up at 7 to do MORE computer science. Rest = essential!

      I’m glad you gave yourself some me time. Our brains and bodies are more connected than we think. 🙂

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