Theme Self-Combustion + Some Excellent Reading!

Hey guys! I’m sorry things are looking so strange over here – apparently my computer science course is making me cocky and think I can edit code –> hint: I CAN’T! So my current theme has entirely imploded. Leaving me in a panic to download something moderately decent, just so that Life’s A Runner doesn’t look like a 20/10 disaster zone. We’ll settle for 9/10. 😉

I guess this is the universe’s way of telling me it’s time to properly update this little corner of the internet! The Etsy themes just aren’t cutting it for me anymore. Any suggestions? Advice? I’m all ears!

I was in the middle of an incredibly speculative / deep post before said chaos indued, and seeing as I fell asleep on my laptop this afternoon (!), I don’t have it in me to restart at 10pm. So we’ll save that for Tuesday, and I will leave you with some wonderful reading material to procrastinate all of your responsibilities with! enjoy. 🙂


5 Records That Were Meant To Be Broken via Salty Running -> aren’t they all, though? 

My First Marathon Recap via Marathons & Macarons -> I am obsessed with reading first marathon recaps. ONE. DAY!!!

The Last Really Long Run via Paleo Running Momma -> See above. 



10 Ways to Manage Stress so It Doesn’t Make You Sick via Lifehack -> a little late for me, but good to know! 

My Appetite Is My Clock via The Cookie Chrunicles -> nobody cares if you eat lunch at 11:59am or 12:01pm! 

The Fitness Industry Makes Me Sad via CleanEatsFastFeets -> AMEN. 


For the Laughs

How to Grow Your Blog in 5 Easy Steps via FueledByLOLZ -> definitely LOL-ed through this entire post! 

60 First World Problems Girls Deal With via Elite Daily -> some of these I can agree with…but most of them – well, you’ve got to be a special kind of girl. 




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