Thinking Out Loud Since 4am.

There are some rather ridiculous things that go on in one’s brain after being awake since 4am. And in such cases,  Thinking Out Loud with Amanda is an absolute  necessity. Thanks for always being there for my lack of brain capability, girl!


1. My brain is FRIED. TOASTED. ELECTROCUTED. All of the above. As soon as I hit “save”, my evening schedule goes like this: shower -> hot chocolate + blog reading -> sleep. Rowdy hey?

0. Hours I spent studying last night. After 8 hours of straight classes with one 30 minute break, I was completely toasted! Hence why 0 comes after 1. You didn’t write a computer science midterm, okay? You don’t understand. spill


3. NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME!!! I feel obligated to say that at every opportunity so that I can give angsty teenagers a fair representation. I’ve still got ~1.5 years left, gotta make the most of it. Also <– I think that is what number this should be?

4. AM – the time my body decided was appropriate to wake up this morning. The bright side? Apparently college students don’t like to exercise at that time, so for once nobody was on the treadmill! If I don’t run immediately when I wake up it literally will not happen. I get tired / hungry / starving / and then throw in the towel. So 4:30am run it was, then breakfast in bed. Can’t think of a better way to start a Thursday.


5. PS I ran on the treadmill, mom. Not going to get murdered in the dark by crazies.

6. I seriously despise washing dishes. With a vehemence. I will do laundry all day long, no problems. But I literally will wait until every single one of my dishes is dirty and looking revolting on my counter before I wash them. It’s a problem.

7. I wore my leggings inside out to the gym yesterday, and only realized it when I was changing back out of them…I blame my computer science lecture right before.

crying-brainMe running around the bench presses. 

8. PM that the clock is reading as I am writing this post…perhaps my 9pm bedtime will need to be adjusted.

Negative 10. Percent I am sure I got on my exam.  <– this is a legitimate possibility. They take marks off for errors and I definitely did more questions wrong than right. Will update you when the news breaks.

Tell me the worst mark you have ever gotten on an exam!
What time did you wake up this morning? 

12 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Since 4am.

  1. Ahh Emma, you’re even more fun when you’re fried and toasted upstairs 😀 .
    My sleep patterns really drive me nuts sometimes..I’ll go through periods of blissful slumber to restless tossy turny nights. Is it the change of temps? overactive brain?..late night coffee (never again!) – who knows!? Last night was a good one albiet a tad strange; I awoke at 4:30, got up for abit then slept like a log until 7:30 again!

    • Awe Ms. J you are just too sweet. 😉 That’s fantastic you were able to go back to sleep, though! I am able to go back to sleep if I wake up during the middle of the night, but I think the 4am + range is a bit of a grey area that my body now considers “day”. 😉

      I would bet on an overactive brain…so often I don’t even realize how much I am thinking!

  2. Haha I am the opposite! Washing dishes is sort of soothing in a weird kinda way to me so I don’t mind doing then, but doing laundry? Hmm I’ll pass. That’s crazy that you can get negative ten in an exam!! That would totally freak me out! Computer science sounds really complex. And I am pretty sure I am going to be adopting the ‘brain fried’ persona within the next week as I have many hours of yearly exams right around the corner… Oh the fun…

      • Aw thanks so much! If only I wasn’t such a procastinator… awesome blogs like yours somehow always seem to manifest themselves when I should be studying…Oh well. Hmm dishes sounds even better if food’s involved

    • Apparently I am a lone wolf over here – everyone else prefers dishes over laundry? What is up with you crazies? I definitely agree with you on doing other people’s dishes, though. It’s ONE thing to clean my own food off of a plate…but if someone else made a mess – no chance am I cleaning it up. So I guess I’m just lazy. 😉

      • I live in an apartment, so laundry means having to hang out here for three hours while I wait for all the washing to be done and lugging clothes up and down two flights of stairs. Dishes only take so much less time so I can feel accomplished with minimum effort!

  3. i totally understand you on the dishes. well, at home i dont mind! at college, i have to take them to the (pathetic) kitchenette DOWNstairs (so much effort) (and i am not washing dishes in the bathroom,… food dishes just dont belong in the same air. lol), and scrub each dish one by one, because I cant set them down because our sink is filthy! sigh,. so much effort.

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