WIAW: Whole Foods, We Meet At Last.

It’s tough being from up North sometimes – I know that my fellow Canadian bloggers out there can relate . Now, don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love being Canadian and I have no desire to move to the USA (still love you Americans though, plus your NYC kinda rocks), but being bombarded with foodie product after product that we can’t have?! It gets a little tiresome.

FirstWorldProblem to the max, I recognize. But I digress – 1/800 of the pumpkin deliciousness, zero  Justin’s, 2 flavours of Oreos, and oh yeah…NO WHOLE FOODS.

Or so I thought – hence why this discovery is so exciting, and merits its very own WIAW post. 🙂 Thanks for hosting as usual, Jenn! 

On the very first day that I arrived in Vancouver, we were driving along west 4th avenue in Kitsilano, on our way to the apartment we would stay at for two days before I moved to UBC.

I was peering out of the window like an excited little five year-old. This was my city now! I wanted to soak it all in.

We passed a beautifully painted Lululemon, cafe upon cafe upon cafe, chic-looking shops, and then out of nowhere…

Whole Foods.



I’m pretty sure only other food / healthy living bloggers / readers of said blogs will understand my excitement.

Obviously I dashed in immediately and spent far too long for my dear mother’s liking wandering the aisles. I couldn’t buy too much – probably a blessing in disguise – since we were of course living temporarily and I had less than 48 hours left with fridge access!

And then, just last week I made my first foray to the salad bar! I know, it’s tragic how long it took me.


I have to say – at first glance I was seriously disappointed with the takeaway box size! It looked SO puny! You would think that if they are charging you by weight, they would provide bigger boxes…but nope. Anyway, I piled as much as humanly possible into that thing and went on my merry way. I was actually pleasantly surprised that it “only” cost $11. That’s about as much as the dining hall salad bar charges, and this meal was approximately 7892x nicer.

It wasn’t until I took it home and dumped it in a bowl that I realized just how much food I actually got! Which was a very good thing, because the day had gotten away from me and I hadn’t eaten since lunch. I kid you not, I literally do not remember the last time there was no afternoon snack in my life.

whole-foods-salad-barCan you believe there was a time when I detested mushrooms? Blasphemy! 

This beauty was rotisserie chicken, shredded beets + carrots, roasted sweet potato + mushrooms and asparagus. Plus something else, probably, but I am forgetting because there was just so much! 😉

That weekend I went AGAIN, but did not have nearly as wonderful as an experience. I wasn’t in the mood to take the 45min bus ride to the bigger Whole Foods, so I hopped over to the small Kitsilano location. I’ve got to say – while I will go there for groceries ALL the time, never again for the salad bar! The highlight of this meal was steamed carrots + broccoli. Even more delicious when you have zero stove access, but after Wednesday’s dinner…underwhelming.


I have no classes until 3:30pm tomorrow (hooray for cancelled computer science labs!) so you can bet I will be making a trip out to my beloved grocery store. Sorry, dining hall, you’ve been replaced!

Have you ever been to Whole Foods?

Or are you laughing at me because you go daily? 

It’s okay if you are. I would too.


10 thoughts on “WIAW: Whole Foods, We Meet At Last.

  1. The Whole Foods on Cambie Street is so worth the bus ride from UBC. One bus (#99) will basically take you right there. You just get off at the Canada Line stop on Broadway and Cambie and cross the street twice and BOOM there it is!

      • I don’t go to UBC but my husband was in the theatre/film program a few years ago (I won’t give the exact date as it will age me *lol*)
        I am lucky enough to be a 15 minute walk from the Cambie Whole Foods and one of my favorite ways to spend some “me time” without my boys (husband and son) is to grab a coffee and browse the aisles of WF’s and leave with one or two purchases that I can’t find anywhere else.

  2. Wholefoods, along with many other constantly blogged about American health foods and products, have always seemed elusive to me as I live in Australia. The most we have here is a health foods store called Go Vita which is rather overpriced. It does have many useful products that aren’t found in mainstream supermarkets though which is handy. From what I have heard though, Wholefoods sounds amazing! Makes me a tad bit jealous when I hear of all the quality and variety you guys get :/ haha

  3. ohmygod i LOVE whole fooods! seriously i plan my visits back home around when i am able to visit (so i can spend time shopping & eating!) did you go in the bulk foods section?? since it is quite expensive, i try to only buy things there that arent sold elsewhere. some things i buy are siggi’s yogurt (http://www.masalagirltravels.com/2014/11/05/wiaw-siggis-toast-exciting-news/), bulk dried fruits, sprouted almonds, oats, soymilk, some oither misc stuff & FOOOD! what ive noticed (through blogs, haha) is that their food varies by location! luck you at least can go to one from your campus 🙂

    • I didn’t! Mainly because I assumed the bulk foods at other grocery stores are way cheaper and the selection at the Kits store didn’t impress me too much. Plus I really don’t need to be buying chocolate covered almonds in bulk, as much as I might like to! Hah. 😉

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