Revamping the Women’s Health Industry

^ Yep. That is what I plan to do.

I’ve been fairly decided for ~6 months now that I want my career to involve both writing for media and health. Those are the two things I am the most passionate about, so why not base my life’s work around them?

There is just one small major problem – I have a serious issue with the way women’s health is presented in media nowadays. I’m pretty sure most of you understand what I am talking about.



Yeah, so there is no chance that I, or any teenager or moderately active person would be satisfied on 1500 calories. I probably eat that much before my afternoon snack. But hey, I know that I crave sugar at night (thanks to being unsatisfied), so let me just not eat my nutrient packed guacamole so I can munch on a chemical-laden low fat ice cream! Hooray for health!


Protein keeps me from being hungry and grouchy – cool, I totally agree! Oh wait, now you are telling me to go to sleep grouchy? That ought to make me “sleep right”…


Do enlighten me – what are these “ideal legs” you speak of? Do they have 7.8 pounds of muscle per quad, and a ration of 22:1 lean body mass to fat? How many centimetres long are the calves on “ideal legs”? Does foot size matter? If so, what should I do about mine?

NO! This is not okay. Everywhere I look, on every single magazine even remotely related to women’s health and fitness, there are headlines promoting extremely fast (= unhealthy) weight loss, starvation diets, and a simply unachievable body type. I’m sorry, you are not going to look like the fitness model on the cover by exercising 3x per week like this magazine tells you to do. You might look awesome, but you won’t feel as good as you should, since you will be too caught up in negating your progress, comparing yourself to the woman who’s job is to look super fit.

I’m committed to change that. I used to be caught up in the mindset that I had to get my degree first, and then I could focus on gaining media experience, climbing the “ladder” and eventually be legit enough to start my own magazine.

Um, why? Who even knows how long that will take, if it even happens. And do I want to gain said experience slaving away at a magazine that promotes all the things I just took a stand against? Definitely not! This is where my plan begins.

It will start similarly to a blog. Only there will be specific categories for nutrition, fitness, health, and lifestyle advice, all categorized and informatively written. It’s not going to be in the same style as this blog, where I write my daily musings and opinions on things. I want this website to be 100% factual and backed up by credentials and evidence!

But I don’t have those things. I’m a first-year university student studying media – I don’t have a hugely successful blog, and I am most certainly not a certified nutritionist or personal trainer. And while I 100% plan on accomplishing all of those things, I’m not there yet. I need you! What if we work together to create a website -> and yes, eventually a magazine -> that stands for GENUINE health in women. That reminds them that it is okay to eat a burger and fries (and a beer!) on the weekends instead of that “snack before restaurant + salad” BS so often touted. A website that posts workout routines titled “STRONG LEGS” and encourages women to truly appreciate where they are right now. 

That’s what I want to do. And that’s what I will do. Are you in? Email me at if you have ANY ideas on what to contribute / where to start. I am literally at the starting line myself – I just decided that this was possible today! And I’m making it happen today, because it matters to me that much.

It is not okay for the media to continue bombarding us with propaganda that makes us feel awful. I refuse to accept it. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT IT.

What is your view on women’s health in the media? 

Any ideas for us to start this thing?! 




12 thoughts on “Revamping the Women’s Health Industry

  1. I have been a silent reader of your blog for some time now and I truly believe that you have the potential to make an awesome contribution to the health sector promoting positivity and HEALTH not restriction and idealistic body types. I check your blog daily because you have a great writing style and always discuss topics that keep me interested (I am a fellow runner ) So please, please continue your amazing work and success will come your way. It is inevitable.

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