When It’s Time to Slow Down + Circuit Workout Roundup!

It is 110% necessary to start off this post CONGRATULATING the phenomenal Kara Goucher for an amazing race in NYC yesterday. It was her first marathon back after a stress fracture, the winds were absolutely insane (for a normal person…multiply that about 20x for the elite runners sprinting their faces off) and she ran an awesome race. No, she didn’t reach her goal of 2:28 – she ran 2:37, and her splits slowed down dramatically after the first half – BUT SHE RAN A FREAKING MARATHON. That in itself is beyond inspiring and I will never stop looking up to her!

karavia Kara’s Instagram

Back to real life – I love how I feel like I was just writing a post lamenting how it was already Monday – and here we are again! It’s okay though – after Tuesday, my week will calm down a TON, and I cannot wait to throw away all the weight that has been hanging over my head for weeks.

I’m reaching that wall in studying where there’s just not much more to do…don’t get me wrong – I don’t understand everything, far from it actually – but I can tell that I’ve reviewed as much as I can and I won’t be making any significant progress before tomorrow evening – so I’m throwing in the towel.

LazyMe to a T right now. Including the carrot. 

And now we get to talk about fun things! Hooray for fitness! Although, that was not my perspective on Friday. I was planning to run 8ish miles on Saturday and I literally could not think of anything more repulsive. The mere concept of working out, let alone a long run, made me want to throw up. Looking back on the past few weeks, I have definitely been working out hard, and it is time to take it back a notch! I wasn’t overtrained, but was absolutely on the way.

Symptoms of Overtraining (via Competitor)

  • Higher resting heart rate
  • Irritability
  • Increased fatigue
  • Low quality sleep

And there are also those whispers you get from your body, that are not to be ignored! For me, they came in the form of just not wanting to. I absolutely love fitness and exercise, so I know I’m not being lazy. My body legitimately needs to rest and recover!

I’m SO excited to bring back the bodyweight circuit workouts and short cardio sessions that previously didn’t feel like “enough”. Well, apparently all I needed was a tip from Heather to throw that mindset out the window!

Deuces-Running-+-Circuit-Workout1-781x1024I did this workout yesterday, and let me tell you, it was far from easy! My heart was beating out of my chest on that second set of pushups! 

It wasn’t that I was/am desperate to lose weight – I felt like because I’m not a huge partier/don’t have an all-consuming social life I “had” to focus my time/energy on fitness. No! Lies! I have lots of other things that I would rather focus on right now, especially as the weather turns to nonstop rain and all I want to do is curl up in a ball under a blanket.

1. I have a dream of starting my own magazine – and recently came up with an amazing idea to start the process! Expect a post on this coming up very soon. 🙂 🙂

2. Reading is good for the soul. It is such a productive hobby for something that feels like pure relaxation! I love increasing my vocabulary and sounding more intelligent in conversation.


3. I have this blog…you might have heard of it. I want to work even harder on Life’s A Runner. I spend a lot of time on it already, but I’m really interested in utilizing Twitter / Pinterest more, as well as making the site more user-friendly and organized. Blogging has a way of completely turning my mood around, so doing more of it is definitely on the agenda!

I think that the most important thing to take away is your fitness routine should excite you! The point is to enhance your life and your health – if it doesn’t, it is obviously not working for you, and something needs to change! For me, I cannot focus on the same thing too long. I’ll go through running phases, heavy lifting phases, and circuit phases – Going with the flow and listening to what my body is asking for makes me happy and energetic! It’s when I try to ignore those “whispers” that problems arise.

And with that, here are some of the workouts I have loved in previous “phases” and cannot wait to get back to!

1. 10-6 Workout via PB Fingers

10-to-6-workoutI raved about this workout last year!  One of my all-time favourites.

2. Upper body + Core Circuit via It’s Progression


You end up with an 8 minute plank with this one! Love it. 

3. Victoria’s Secret Ab Model Workout via Blogilates

blogilatesabsI seriously never want to neglect my core strength when I do Cassie’s workouts! I completely forgot about them for awhile, but they are back in my life in a big way! I love the printable because I don’t have to feel awkward when there are other people in the gym – although I wonder what my roommate would think of Cassie as her new alarm? 😉 I kid. Maybe. 

This post has been completely all over the place so I’ll end it here – even though I could talk write for hours! Hope everyone’s Monday goes fabulously!

Do you go through workout phases?

Does your body tell you what style of workouts to choose? 


9 thoughts on “When It’s Time to Slow Down + Circuit Workout Roundup!

  1. The circuit workouts look awesome! I definitely feel you on the overtraining – I’m just now getting my motivation back after the XC season.
    Also, I’m 100% feeling you on the blogging! I have so many things I need to do with my blog (self hosting being at the top of the list) but without a steady source of income/lack of time (hello, geometry!) I don’t have as much time work on the blog. There’s only so early that one can be up each day 😉

  2. Yipes, circut workouts always strike me as sapping..and that’s just to look at 😉 . I presume I’d make it to 10 of each on Heather’s one before passing out haha! I’m cool with my current level of fitness though; putting as little stress on my body while still enjoying moving as I feel like it every day. I’m happy you’re taking note of those whispers – our bodies are so good at letting us know 🙂 .

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