Thinking Out Loud: Baking Withdrawls, Music + Books!

Bonjour, good morning! Today is going to be one of those Thinking Out Loud days – where my brain is SO full, I literally have no idea what I am going to say until I Say it. It’s been happening in real life, too…not always the best, but usually pretty funny. 🙂 Thanks for the link party, Amanda!


1. And then I just stared at a blank screen. It’s 7am right now – practically noon for me. 😉 Perhaps my brain is trying to save all of its energy for my computer science lab at 9:30am. 😉

2. I’m not hungry right now. I know, that is SO INTERESTING to you, right? Well it’s strange because I used to always wake up starving, but now that I have been a regular morning runner for a while I think my body has gotten the message that it doesn’t get food immediately upon waking. Buuuut I will still be eating, anyway, obviously. Perhaps its time for oats to come back in my life?


3. Five more days. That is how much longer I will be a nervous wreck / ball of stress. My second computer science midterm is on Tuesday at 7pm (I know!) and if I can just do okay on that, I will feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I got a decent grade on the first one, and so if I can scrape by on this one too that means I have a fairly good chance of passing the final and the class! We can hope.

4. I’m smelling up our dorm with ripe bananas. Yep. I’m that roommate. Some form of banana action will definitely have to happen ASAP, plus then I get FROZEN ones to snack on like candy. My usual reaction of bake ALL the things is sadly a no go in the dorms. Make these for me?

banana-bread-muffinsSigh…if only! 35 days until I have an oven again. 

5. Whoever said you don’t have time to read (for fun) in college LIED. Even though I am freaked out beyond belief about failing computer science, I have been making sure to take time to rest – well I am now. The first three days this week sorta did a number on me and I ended up throwing all work out the window and read the entirety of If I Stay last night. I haven’t read in so long – it felt amazing!

6. t’s a baking night tonight. As per aforementioned plan, I am not going to go to class from 9:30am to 5pm and then study nonstop until I go to sleep. So instead, these will be happening in my life. 🙂 So dorm and Canada friendly (hello maple syrup addiction, I’m Emma, your longtime bestie)

no-bake-all-natural-energy-ball-recipe-1024x756Thank you so much for the recipe, Heather! 

7. Taylor Swift’s album! Judge me. Seriously, go for it. While you’re at it, I still listen to the Jonas Brothers and Hilary Duff. They never fail to put me in a great mood in the morning.

8. It snowed in Edmonton. Again. That’s about all I have to say about that.

canadian winter

However, my lovely little Vancouver has a 100% chance of rain all day long, so I am most definitely not one to be gloating. I hope you all have an amazing Thursday! We’ve almost made it! And hey – we’re in Thursday now, which means we’re not really waiting for Friday so we can just pretend it is. Right? Riiiiiight.

Tell me on thing on your to-make list!

I need to live vicariously through you.


6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Baking Withdrawls, Music + Books!

  1. It may have snowed in Edmonton, but it didn’t stick around! This means we’re already doing better than last year, since I think last year it snowed and stuck on Halloween. Fingers crossed we have a few more good weeks ahead of us. Actually, what am I saying?!? I need snow for snowboarding, so I WANT it to snow. Yeah… I’m -that- girl 😉

  2. Oh, I wish it was snowing here ❤ Also, I haven't been hungry either! I've been waking up earlier than normal and drinking coffee, but I can only stomach a yogurt :/ Meh.

    And I 100% feel you on stressing about tests – I have a 79.02 in Geometry (I don't understand it at all) and I have a test on Monday that I am anything but ready for 😦

    I fixed the comments on my blog – you should be able to comment as Name/URL now 🙂 Sorry about that!

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