Who I’m Watching in the NYC Marathon

So, you know how some people (I think they’re a word called “normal”) follow hockey / football / basketball games? Well, I obsessively follow marathons. I barely understand it myself. I mean, what is really so interesting about watching really skinny people run at a nauseatingly fast pace for 2+ hours?

I think most runners out there will agree with me – a LOT.

I am almost as far away as possible from the action, but you had better believe I will be following the NYC Marathon on Sunday, November 2nd. It’s one of the (many) marathons I dream of running someday, and is #2 on the list only behind Boston. So, until I can make it there myself, I will have to settle for being that creepy girl who knows every single person and event all. day. long. I’m okay with that.

1. Kara Goucher. Yep I have a total girl-crush on this badass and am not afraid to admit it. In one of her interviews, she said that she was planning to run 2:28, followed by “I know that seems slow.” Can we all just take a minute to comprehend the ability of a runner for whom a 5:39 pace for 26.2 miles is SLOW? I’m pretty sure the vast majority of us would jump for joy if we could run that pace for ONE mile. I am so inspired by Kara, who is on her THIRD Olympic cycle after having a baby.


I am also in love with her attitude towards running. She takes it very seriously (duh) but is truly passionate about it and does it because she loves it. She gets that nervous /excited feeling the rest of us mortals do, and is just a very humble, down to earth human being. I am so rooting for her success!!

2. Deena Kastor. SO, this 41 year old powerhouse’s goal for NYC is a casual 2:25 – three minutes faster than the master’s record! She is truly a testament to the fact that age is just a number, and your body is only as capable as your mind believes it to be.

3. Desi Linden. I feel like Desi doesn’t get nearly enough recognition for everything that she has done! She came 2nd in the 2011 Boston Marathon, WAY better than the vast majority of North American runners in approximately seven bajillion years. And yet she always seems to be swept under the shadow of Kara Goucher, Shalene Flanagan and the like. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely ADORE those two, but Desi is a rockstar in her own right! Not only is she excited about the hills (crazy sauce) she has a very realistic and refreshing approach to her running career.

“When you start counting backwards [in terms of available marathons prior to the Olympics], the chances are pretty limited,” Linden said. “The goals are getting on the team, one; try and get a medal, two; and then you start worrying about PRs and stuff after that.”

Yeap, these are all American women! But Canada is very tragically not even a remote factor in distance running, and being a female runner I am inspired beyond words by these strong and talented women! Four days and counting!

Are you watching the NYC marathon? Thoughts?

Are you RUNNING it? 

Can you please put me in your suitcase now, thank you.

4 thoughts on “Who I’m Watching in the NYC Marathon

  1. Hahaha this post made me smile –> “Well, I obsessively follow marathons. I barely understand it myself. I mean, what is really so interesting about watching really skinny people run at a nauseatingly fast pace for 2+ hours?” Actually made me laugh out loud. To each their own and if watching marathons makes you happy, go for it ;).

    ALSO. 5:39 pace for over 26.2 miles is actually insane. INSANE. I can hardly comprehend people who “race” marathons. I would be happy to even crawl over the finish line haha!

    • They are hard to make time to see! Especially because they are in the morning, which is not generally a “chill on the couch and watch TV” time for most of us. 😉 When I watched the Boston Marathon last year (I refused to miss it) I just did my workout in the living room!

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