Great Trek 10K Race Recap

I think this was the first time I have ever truly “raced” in my entire life. I know that sounds like absolute insanity coming from a die-hard runner with a running blog, but it’s just the truth! I ran a couple of 5ks when I was younger but it was more of a “run then sprint to the finish” than an actual “I have a race plan and a time goal” situation. I just didn’t feel the same way about running then as I do now! Of course I did my half marathon this spring, but I was most definitely not racing that – i just wanted to finish feeling awesome! So I definitely felt a little bit out of my element at the start of the UBC Great Trek 10K.


The only time goal I had was under 50:00, because that would translate to sub 8:00 miles. I honestly thought that was a stretch, given my runs lately, and the fact that my sub 1:45 half marathon (a 8:00 pace) still seemed so out of reach.

I planned to do a slow mile as a warmup, but it turned out to be at an 8:10 pace! Craziness – I hadn’t been able to hit that running hard in weeks, and here it was popping up when I was trying to go slowly?

I was sort of worried that I fatigued my legs too much before actually starting, but I put it out of my mind. The course was four 2.5km loops – which did not actually mess with my mind as much as I expected it to. The way I broke it up in my head was:

  • Run the first loop fast. Not really an intention, but it’s just what happened given race adrenaline / excitement. I was careful to not be too fast, but kept a comfortably hard pace and knew I would slow down a bit.
  • Run loops two and three relaxed. I tried to not slow down a lot, but did focus on conserving energy and if I felt like I was sprinting, pulled it back a notch.
  • SPRINT IT IN! Yeah, obviously for the last lap I wanted to give it my all. This ended up working perfectly, as my last mile was my fasted at 7:26!! I know, I’m shocked too.

For laps two, three, and half of the fourth I was zigzagging with another girl running literally my exact same pace. It sort of seemed like she was surging to get ahead of me which of course made my competitive streak just explode. I focused on keeping an even pace the whole time, though, and she turned out to be a total sweetheart!

I didn’t have negative or positive splits. I sort of went from fast –> slow –> fast which in my mind translates to even pacing and in Runner’s World’s mind, success! These were my mile splits: 7:34, 7:52, 8:02, 8:01, 7:45, 7:26.


Overall, I am SO happy with my results and cannot wait to race more! I think I got a little too caught up in just wanting to run farther and forgot how fun it was to really push it and run fast! I set a new 5K PR on this course, and of course now need to race a 5K to see how much faster I can go there. I have another 10K coming up in three weeks so we will see what happens then! I was planning on not caring a ton about this race and then going hard in November, buuuut now I feel very satisfied with myself. 🙂

Also, in case you have been doubting my runner’s OCD: when I looked down at my watch after crossing the finish line I was only at 6.1 miles, so you had BETTER FREAKING BELIEVE I kept sprinting straight across until I hit 6.2 I’m sure I looked like a complete lunatic but I do not even care. If I ran that fast for 47 minutes I was most definitely not finishing with a fake PR.

Who else raced this weekend? Success? 


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