My 10K Race Goals

Running retail therapy = 100% real thing.

This morning was one of those mornings that I was just feeling off. Sad and lonely for no particular reason (other than the ever-present being away from home), and to be perfectly honest, I sort of wanted to cry.

I got off of that Negative Nelly train real quick though – 16oz of the lifeblood (coffee) plus a new RACE on my calendar and I was a totally new person! It’s funny how those things work. 🙂

coffee1I need nothing else in life.

colin firth pride

Except maybe this.

I’ve been registered for a mid-November 10k for a while now, but it seemed/seems far away enough that I haven’t really thought about it. I know I can run the distance no problem so it’s not any stress.

Buuuut, now I have a race FOUR DAYS all of a sudden! So being the numbers-obsessed individual that I am, I of course had to lay down some solid goals.

Long-term / Standing Goal: A 45:00 10k race is my dream. This is not that race. I can do 1 minute intervals at the 7:15 pace required – I will get there, someday.

A Goal: Sub-50:00. This would translate to an 8:00 pace, which is the pace for my DREAM half marathon, a 1:45. If I can run that pace for 10k NOW, that leaves the entire winter to dedicate to basic aerobic training and then a few months to be able to maintain it for a half.

7-milesThis is the closest I’ve come in recent history. There is WORK to be done! 

B Goal: Race hard. I honestly do not remember the time I full-out RACED. My half marathon was hard, but a very comfy pace as it was y first one. I ran a 5k two summers ago right when I was started to run again and walked up a hill when I could see the finish line. Sort of a race fail on my part. So, being 110% honest, if I go out there and leave it all on the course, and finish ready to throw up my lungs, I will be proud. Regardless of if the clock says 49:xx or 59:xx. Although I think for me to run anything slower than a 9:00 pace would quite literally require my legs to be chopped off. But we shall see.

I don’t have a C goal because I know I can finish the race. I suppose my C goal should be to eat the most pancakes after the race but seeing as I will be competing with 18-20 year old male runners I know right now I don’t have a chance. Perhaps if I brought my own peanut butter I could win points for most clinically insane / addicted to peanut butter?

cookieBecause who needs meat when you can have peanut butter burgers?! 

Are you racing soon? What’s the plan?

Slash tell me how just CRUSHED all of your goals! 


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