That Time I Ran Consistently Without Injury

YOU. GUYS. I now have two solid weeks of running under my belt with knees that are co-operating 100%. I feel like my running has been fighting me ever since August when I started getting back into it, so to actually feel like I am forming some semblance of a foundation is beyond amazing. What better way to celebrate than by joining up with Christina’s Marathon Monday? We all know the (suuuuuper way far off in the distance) end goal is Boston anyway.


I’m not going to recap two weeks of training – ain’t nobody got time for dat! What I will tell you about last week, though, is that I had an absolutely breathtaking 7 mile run. I decided to start my ‘long’ run by running home from my doctors appointment since it was only 3k and bussing would take 30+ minutes…yeah Edmonton transit is horrific. Anyway, the relief of being at home / good news at my appointment / beautiful fall weather just propelled me forward and I ran 7 miles @ 8:25 pace. I never felt like I was running too fast, working hard, or wanted to be done. I could have gone longer but some stomach issues prevented that.



This week the main goal was to maintain last week’s mileage of 20 miles. Low for a lot of people, but I peaked for my half marathon at 24 so this feels like a fair amount of running to me!

Monday: OFF. Last day at home. 😦 Instead of working out I ate bread pudding and listened to drunk guys on the plane. It was a jolly old time. Especially when I started crying and the guy beside me laughed.


Tuesday: 4 miles @ 7:58. I warmed up for 10ish (I think) minutes, and then ran 8 x 1 minute @ 7:13 plus 2 x 1 minute @ 6:58, with one minute of recovery @ 8:30 in between all. 5 minute cool down because I was sweating like a crazy person!

Wednesday: 5 miles @ 8:26. This run was SO super awkward because after 20 minutes a girl came into the fitness room (there is only one treadmill) and literally sat down on a bench texting. She was too far away for it to be 100% clear she was waiting for the treadmill but she wasn’t doing anything so it was pretty obvious. But she said absolutely nothing for twenty whole minutes and asked me ‘how much longer’ when I had twelve seconds left.

Head in Hands

Thursday: Total body strength! Heavy upper body but mainly bodyweight / lightish dumbbells for legs in an attempt to save them for runs. No such luck apparently.

Friday: 3 miles @ 8:33. My legs felt like LEAD. It was my first time upping the incline (to a whopping 0.5%) on the treadmill, so that was part of it I am sure. But looking back on the last three days its no surprise!

Saturday: 8 miles @ 8:44


This was strange because at the end, cardio wise, I was not even remotely tired. My heart could have kept on pumping’! My legs, however, wanted to murder me in my sleep with an axe. I got the eight miles in that I hoped for, though, which is what counts!

Sunday: Total body strength. With a rest day ahead on Monday, I had no fear in the weight room and ATTACKED the squat rack. 105lbs and counting, baby! I’m at the same for deadlifts, and while I know I can go a lot heavier because it feels fairly easy, I’m not confident in my form (been feeling low back pain) and my booty always wants to die after my leg sessions so I’m not too concerned just yet.

I think I will just hang out around 20 miles per week for a while so that I stay relaxed / acclimate to running regularly again and then slooooowly start upping it to 30! And then the half craziness begins…I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT!!!

Have you ever experienced that awkwardness at a busy gym? What did you do? 

As soon as I walk in the door if someone is on the treadmill I ask them how long they will be on there. It’s not rude if you are polite about it (i.e. not sounding entitled) and if they say they have 30 minutes left I can do something productive with my morning instead of texting.


One thought on “That Time I Ran Consistently Without Injury

  1. I miss the days of being able to run pain free, hopefully soon! That’s great to hear that you got good news about your knees! Whenever the machines I want to use are busy I just use another until its free. That way I can still workout.

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