Some Surprises & Fails – Five Things Friday

I just didn’t get enough of the random lists yesterday with Thinking Out Loud! So today’s post is another linkup with Clare for Five Things Friday! Because, Friday. Enough said. <– side note: HUGE shoutout / congratulations to Clare for getting into medical school! I can only imagine the amount of work/dedication necessary to do that, let alone make the career change that she did. You are so inspiring, Clare! 


Five Surprises

1. My floor has a toaster! I thought I was doomed to the sloooow dining hall toaster oven and awful light bread, not to mention the individual packets of Kraft peanut butter & jam. But when I was microwaving my soup last night, our RA came into the lounge and whipped out a toaster! You had better believe I am booking it to the grocery store this afternoon to get my beloved Squirrely bread for some PB&J toast. Friday night dinner / Saturday morning breakfast? No doubt about it.

2. I did better on my computer science midterm than French. Let’s just let that one sink in for a minute.


3. Both my finals are on the same day. But its actually wonderful! One is at 8:30am and the other at 7:00pm. So while it kinda sucks that I have to write an exam in the evening, I will have all day off in between to run/nap/study a TINY bit and decompress. And I don’t have to wait around in Vancouver studying, I get to go home!

4. I have to read a 117 page novel in FRENCH. So, on that lovely vein of schoolwork, yeah, that’s what I learned today. I’m lucky that it is written in fairly simple sentences, but it is still extremely overwhelming! Especially when there are so many random adjectives/verbs that I have to look up. Christine, help me out!


5. Ebola is pronounced “see-bowl-a”. Not “eh-bowl-a”. Who knew? Apparently my Canadian self just can’t resist the “eh”. Although I was pronouncing it “eh” not “ay” the way we pronounce the Canadian “eh”. Did that make any sense at all? I’m pretty sure I have negative sanity left.


Five Things Making Me Happy

1. Cheerful morning baristas. I know it’s absolutely horrific that I am going to Starbucks, but the ladies that open at 5:30am are just SO DARN CHEERFUL! I only go that early when I’m hitting up the gym for 6:30am, but they could so easily be grumps and the fact that they are not just makes my day.


2. A MONTH of Christmas break. Our exams run from Dec. 2 – 17, but both of mine are on the 3rd! So this means that I get to fly out on December 4th and fly back on January 4th. I cannot even articulate the amazement.

3. Three days gum free. It’s feeling WAY easier this time than last! I think it’s because I am focusing on fuelling myself with all wholesome, nourishing foods, not still eating processed meat / Starbucks crap and nixing the gum. Yay for feeling healthy again!

4. UBC Apple Fest! There is legitimately a four-hour festival dedicated solely to five million varieties of apples. Plus unlimited free tasting and organic, locally grown ones to buy! This five-apple-per-day addict has quite literally died and gone to heaven.

5. IT’S (almost) THE WEEKEND. Had to throw that in somewhere. Monday-off weeks always drag for me.


Five Fails

1. BOTTLED DRINKS ARE NOT CHEAP. Ugh, you guys, I totally OD’d on buying all the vitamin water, Steaz, (and yes, Fresca / Diet coke) for the first month at university, and now my meal plan balance is holding on for dear life. Let’s hope that Save On trip happens soon and they decide to donate all their food to me.

2. Leaving my wet laundry in the washer for >2 hours. I just completely forgot about it! Luckily no one needed the machine, but still!

3. Forgetting to put in earplugs. In residence, this is basically like saying “Hi, I HATE sleeping! It’s simply horrendous! Please entertain me with your hooting and hollering at 3am because it just makes me so very happy.”


4. Taking vitamins. I think my taste in interior design is questionable because I have two bottles that have done absolutely nothing but sit on my desk for 6 weeks. That is not an exaggeration.

5. Tripping on the treadmill. Let’s just pretend it didn’t happen….and that the 6am hour was a valid excuse.


It It was better than that time I ran in -15C and couldn’t move for 2 hours. 

Annnd, that wraps up this weeks Five Things Friday with a 3 x 5. My OCD hates me for not having five categories but

a) That would be one serious novel of a post – we are already at 800+ words

b) A Quest bar and bed is calling my name. Soreeeeeee

Tell me one thing making you happy this week! 

Any tips on remembering to take vitamins? 

I ALWAYS do when we get the gummy vites (I actually horribly OD). But normal ones? Not a chance!

2 thoughts on “Some Surprises & Fails – Five Things Friday

  1. Omg. I want to be wherever a 4 day apple fest is.

    This week has been pretty exciting, but I’m really pumped for tomorrow! It’s a good friend’s birthday, and we’re heading north, out of the city, to shuck mussels. Have I ever shucked mussels before? Why no I haven’t. Does it involve sharp tools with which I could hurt myself? Yes it does.

    Am I still excited? Yes.

    And vitamins… I stopped taking them, but when I was, they were gummy. Ooops.

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