College Res Life: The Real Deal.

Well, after a whirlwind five days at home for Thanksgiving, I am officially on my third day back at school! Wow, that went by (almost) as fast as my break. Time. Is. Scary. I feel like my time starting from the plane back to Vancouver up until now has just been a nonstop train of business/surprises/funny happenings so what better way to lay it out on the table than Thinking Out Loud?! Answer: none.


1. I found a dead bug in my bug. Yes, you 100% read that right. I arrived back at my dorm room around 11pm and was frantically unpacking / putting my epic food stash in the freezer when I saw a mug exactly like mine sitting on the counter of the floor lounge. I couldn’t believe someone had the exact same mug as me – it’s a cute little owl and fairly unique – but there’s no way I forgot mine there before going home! Wrong. I guess in my packing frenzy Wednesday afternoon I left it there, and someone decided that it was the perfect weapon for the creepy dead bug sitting on the wall. I knocked it out the window with a kleenex but still haven’t been able to bring myself to clean it / even consider drinking out of it…

GROSSI feel like this accurately depicts my level of horror.

2. I got an A on my first university essay! Technically it was an A – and technically it was only 80%…but it is an A and I am freaking proud of it!

3. Who doesn’t love getting drunk on a plane? Seeing as I have been of legal age for exactly two weeks, I haven’t experienced this yet. But the three guys in front of me on the way back took a leeeeeetle too much advantage of the in-flight bar service – the flight attendant had to actually cut them off and refuse to serve more. Yikes.

4. Back on the gum-free wagon. Day 2. University record so far is five days. I have freaking got this.

5. I also have ALL the cheap food. I checked my meal plan balance vs. recommended balances for certain times of year and apparently I need to spend a maximum of $85 between now and December 1 if I want to stay on track…a little awkward seeing as its tough to make ONE meal under $10. Looks like there are many, many trips to Save On in my future. 😉

HotChocolateThat means saying goodbye to these beauties too. I cannot cope. 

6. Quest bars are not doin’ it anymore. I was SOSO excited to buy two boxes of Quest bars when I went home and I’ve been all stoked to enjoy them microwaved, but…they’re kind of gross. I’ve had the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough once and Cookies & Cream twice and they’ve all ranged between “meh” and “gross”. The C&C has actually been disgustingly powdery – not sure if I just got two bad boxes or what! I used to be absolutely obsessed with these babies. Better for the bank account / #5 I suppose.

7. I could really use a  drink. I’m sorry. Is that bad to say on the internet? I’m of legal age at home, I promise. I’ll show you my ID. But sadly I am not legal in my current city of residence and sometimes a girl just needs a caesar. Or a glass of prosecco. I’ll accept either. 😉 But those are actually the only things I will consume. Everything else just makes my insides burn.


8. I am hilarious about laundry. Sometimes I genuinely LOVE doing it – and other times it takes me 2 hours / 2 days to work up the motivation to dump my darks in the washer. Apparently I took two minutes too long tonight because the washer was being used. DAMN.

9. My friend got 93% on the computer science midterm. I did not even know that was humanly possible…I literally disregarded the bar chart saying people scored between 95-100% because HOW?!?! For the record, I jumped up and down over a 73% and thought they entered it wrong (instead of 37%).

Laundry: love it or hate it? 

Any tips on beating the gum addiction (for good)?


One thought on “College Res Life: The Real Deal.

  1. Congrats on the essay, lady! That’s awesome 🙂 And I’m not sure I want to meet the person that loves doing laundry every.single.time. And I’m not sure if that has more to do with the fact that I’d think they were crazy or because they’d make me feel bad about how much I hate doing mine 😆

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