Double Standards in the Health & Fitness World

While scrolling through my work Twitter the other day, I came across an article that just fascinated me. It was called “Why are Americans so fascinated with extreme fitness?” and basically discussed how entirely ridiculous it is that because of things like CrossFit, people are pushing themselves “too far” with their workouts and it would be better if they just had a physical job instead.

Why throw a sledgehammer onto a tire when you can throw it into a tree trunk, right? I know I’m lucky to be living in BC where I have that opportunity, but not everyone is so lucky…

Seriously? I actually found the comments just as interesting if not more so than the article itself. A lot of people have the same idea – both Canada and the US (really, Western culture in general) have such an obesity epidemic – over 2/3 of the population – and people are criticizing others for giving their workouts their all?

I don’t know about you, but when I leave the gym feeling like I put ALL of me out there, I feel like a freaking rockstar. I’m not punishing myself! I’m working to be BETTER. I think a lot of people would agree with that.

Thinking about that made me realize how much of this happens in real life, too. Some examples for you:

  • The side eyes when you order a salad for dinner
  • Eye rolling when one/two/or ZERO drinks is actually enough! 
  • The “oh, you must have an ED” comments if a girl likes to run/eat well –> I CANNOT get over this one.

It’s everywhere. You would think that, in a culture where weight-related health problems are taking over (cardiac disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, hormonal issues, etc etc etc.) we would SUPPORT these healthy endeavours. But it seems to be that, through a combination of what is “socially acceptable” (i.e. fast food/drinking) and media pressures to be thin and perfect, healthy lifestyles get attacked.

So, sorry, but I’m not sorry that I

  • Choose to pay $10 for my breakfast instead of a $1 bagel.
  • Go to bed early so I can sleep well
  • Go to bed early so I can run in the morning
  • NOT empty my bank account in the bar to allow for all of the above.

I’m really curious! Has anyone else experienced something like this? 


One thought on “Double Standards in the Health & Fitness World

  1. i really agree with what you said at the end! i have to pay a lot more sometimes because i dont just want a bagel with cream cheese for bfast, but some more nutritional food. it sucks, but hey im not the one saving my money of other wasteful things!
    i also hate how people assume smaller people dont need to work out or eat right to look the way they look

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