Thinking Out Loud: It Wasn’t The End!

These TOL posts never fail to come at the perfect time! I’m currently typing this up in between work/morning classes, eating lunch, afternoon classes and the AIRPORT to go HOME!!! Coherent post = nope. Emma’s insanity ramblings? Always. Thanks for hosting, Amanda!


1. There WASN’T A “Last” TOL! Do you guys remember back in August when I freaked you all out with my post titled “The Last Thinking Out Loud”? Well I was totally convinced it was going to be the last one in Edmonton for a while, without even thinking about the fact that I would be coming home! So now here I am back at home with all my thoughts loud and clear. 🙂

2. My brain hates me. Well…maybe all my thoughts aren’t loud and clear. We had a problem due for computer science today and I have literally been working on it nonstop for a week, and got absolutely nowhere. No one that I talked to could figure it out, and the TAs aren’t allowed to help you. SO I handed in my very pathetic incomplete work with a sad note attached to it. Yes, I do actually need to pass this class.

les-misI just feel like this is a very appropriate picture. 

3. Unless I don’t? One of my professors today told us that if you have an F on your transcript in first year, it’s not actually the end of the world. She said to obviously not strive for an F, but if its just one at the beginning of your academic career most employers aren’t overly concerned. Does anyone else want to confirm that to help me relax?

4. It’s been five days since I had coffee. I don’t even know who I am anymore. It’s not that I’ve been trying not to drink it per se, I just…haven’t. I got an espresso on Friday that tasted like burnt cigarettes, and then on Saturday I ordered a grande pike from Starbucks and wanted to throw up. I had about two sips and haven’t had a drop since. Although, as you are reading this I will very likely be on 16oz cup #2 of pure, delicious single-origin blend. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

espressoThis may be beautiful…but it was nothing like home. 

5. Muscles are kind of amazing. Since being at university I’ve definitely partaken in my fair share of stress eating…BUT since I have been lifting like a beast in the gym some of it has actually turned to muscles! There was a lot of arm flexing in the mirror last night. Absolutely no shame.

6. All of my music playlists are 1+ years old. Seriously. This needs to change. A girl can only listen to the same running/walking/lifting songs SO MANY TIMES before she starts to go clinically insane. We’re there.

Fall-2014-Running-Workout-Playlist-1024x1024I can’t wait to listen to this one by Heather!

7. My passport is in my bag. I don’t know why I feel so accomplished about this…but I put it in a safe place the moment I arrived at my dorm room and actually remembered to pack it! For my whole life my mom has been the passport/important documents manager so I feel very proud that I took this on. I may actually be independent after all. 😉

8. Chick lit books are glorious. If you can’t tell, I’ve sort of adopted a theme of “no shame” these days, and that 100% translates over to these books. Yes I absolutely love reading books that are so well-written you just fall right into them, can’t sleep for days and dream about them. That has a time and place, though! For the plane ride (and entire trip) I plan to do zero work, and have a cute, happy book that I intend to finish by touchdown. ❤

What is something that you are really looking forward to?

GREAT coffee…my dearest mother…my cafe. ❤ ❤ ❤

My bed is somewhere up there.

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