Squat PR + One of Those Runs.

Good morning!

I am deeply sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I have a computer science midterm in less than two hours (from 7pm-9pm!! Who schedules an exam that late?!), and have been panicking/telling myself not to panic all weekend long. I think I was actually successful because I don’t feel very stressed about it. I am nowhere near confident…I just don’t really care. Which is not great since I do need to pass this course. Ah, well. We shall see what happens.


So, when I WASN’T blogging or studying this weekend, I was actually in complete BEAST mode. I decided to go to the Lululemon Kitsilano run club on Saturday morning at 8am, and the ambassador said she was planning to do roughly 10km. A little shorter than I was hoping for on long run Saturday but I decided my knee would probably appreciate the cutback. Welp, she was off by more than a little bit and we ended up doing 15km (roughly 9 miles!). Yikes. We went quite slowly and stopped a few times buuuut it was the furthest I have gone in quite some time. Yay for progress! And sore legs…

walkJust a slightly active day.

Speaking of sore legs, I decided that the day after long run day was the perfect day to up my squat. I have been doing 3 x 8 at 95lbs and dare I say it was feeling a little too easy…so I upped it to 4 x 8 at 100lbs! Nothing monumental, or so I thought.

Fast forward to Monday and my hips are so tight that walking hurts. OUCH. I was hoping to do 3 miles this morning at a decent pace with a few pickups but all I could manage was 2.5 @ ~9:00 and then an increase to 8:00 for the last 800m (which was WAY harder than it should have been). It is also noteworthy that after running for 1 minute @ 7:40 I had to slow down to a 10:00 pace – the slowest I have run in about 4 years. Not so fun.

I’m a tad worried about this because I have a 10km run date planned for tomorrow morning! I really don’t want to bail, and I really REALLY don’t want to be as slow as I was today. Between this and the midterm, there is a lot of just “hoping for the best” going on around here.

I think I am going to go attack my foam roller and help “hope” out a bit! Hope you all have an amazing Tuesday! 🙂


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