Five Things Friday 10.3.14. NO Shame.

Link parties make my heart happy. 🙂 It’s been such a long time (months!) that I’ve joined up with Clare for Five Things Friday, but today is the day!


Five Things I’m Not Ashamed Of

1. Ordering two drinks at a cafe, taking one sip of each and then leaving. I only got them because I needed the pictures for my visual arts assignment, for which I had booked a computer to work on ten minutes later! The chai latte was awful, so I didn’t miss much there. But the Aztec hot chocolate…let’s just say I will be returning VERY soon.


2. Nut butter spoonfuls straight out of the jar. A girl’s got stuff to do!

3. Chewing on TUMS instead of gum. Okay, so this one I’m a little ashamed of.

4. Miley Cyrus on my run playlist. Girl’s got fast beats!

5. Coffee > everything. I 100% will be five-ish minutes late to work if it means I get my morning coffee. Just too necessary!

espressoUnless it was yesterday morning, when I could actually have coffee to STAY. Bliss.


Five Things Making My Head Spin

1. Computer science. Enough said.

2. Downloading Photoshop. This wonderful little application planned to take FOUR DAYS to download on my trusty MacBook Air, while all my friends said it took <30 minutes for them. Lovely.


3. Girls on the elliptical for 2+ hours at the gym. My record on that thing is seven minutes. I just can’t.

4. How people exercise at night. On that vein – one of my friends was telling me today how she LOVES that the commonsblock fitness centre is open 24/7 because exercising at 1am is her sweet spot. I’m pretty sure if I started to sweat that late I would just never go to sleep ever.

5. My (severe lack of) cold tolerance. I already said this yesterday but…I’m already turning into a wimp. Both yesterday and the day before I was SO cold and changing into warm clothes was all I could think about. It was 15 degrees. (insert gun emoji)


Five Things Making Me Happy

1. Going HOME! Yep, in FIVE days I will be at home for thanksgiving. I was trying not to count down the days (don’t want to wish away my time)…but yeah that failed at about T-18.

2. Running. ❤ I did an easy 3 miles with pickups on Monday, 5 on Thursday, and am hoping for 7 on Saturday! I trained for my half marathon on just three runs per week (sometimes only 2!) so I really do not need to add more right now. Remembering this…

7-milesNote to self…don’t do this after barely running for three months. 

3. Being REALLY hungry. It’s funny how this would have been so upsetting in months past, but these days I LOVE when I get hungry a lot because it means food! A snack often makes a less-than-wonderul lecture seem less painful, so a speaking stomach is much appreciated!

4. Sleep. After a month (!) of some seriously awful sleep, I have had a relatively solid past three nights. I’ve still woken up, but they have all been exactly 8 hours which I am so grateful for. Daily 5:30am wake-up calls take a toll! So I skipped a few this week and regretted nothing.

5. When I see people running at 6am. ❤ I’m not the only crazy in this world!


Five Things Making Me Think. At my job, I scroll through Twitter regularly checking for relevant content, and usually come across a few things that I can’t post about for my position, but are fascinating! Here are a few of the (many) links I’ve emailed myself lately.

1. Football player receives 15 yard penalty for praying after scoring touchdown. 

2. What’s REALLY in pumpkin spice.

3. Hamster wheel for humans! I feel like this is both hilarious and a very sad/true form of irony

4. 17 Things Blair Waldorf Taught You About Life.

5. 100 Miler Q & A. I am DEFINITELY not getting any ideas – but so SO thoughtful, well-written and HUGELY inspiring! Also extremely informative for any of you ultrarunners out there!

What’s making you happy/confused/thoughtful today?


2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday 10.3.14. NO Shame.

  1. I applaud the coffee-love! Heavens I won’t be going anywhere without my morning mug; I seem to grow even more “attached” and in need of it every day..I’m not sure how good of a thing that is 😉 .
    Eight hours of sleep though!? Wow how do you do it? My internal alarm refuses outright to allow me a stretch of more than 7 hours, hmph. Oh tell me about – I can never wrap my head around the idea of late night workouts either..and 1AM sounds unreal.

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