Nut Butter Spoonfuls, Panini + Aspartame Free.

In the spirit of Thinking Out Loud, my title is just as random as this entire post. You are welcome. 🙂

Thinking Out Loud is BACK! I’ve become pretty horrible at blogging throughout the week so I am VERY proud of myself for making the time to do this! It makes me so sad when I take extended breaks. I love writing!

As always, a huge thank you to Amanda for hosting my favourite link-up of the week! Let the randomness begin!


1. We are on day FOUR gum + aspartame free! Yes I am aware that gum has aspartame in it but I am also abstaining from all things containing said chemical so it was worth saying! I’d like to say I’m doing well…but copious amounts of Vitamin Water have been consumed instead of Coke Zero / Fresca and I’ve developed a…rather unique…other addiction. I also may or may not have googled two ingredients on a bag of mints in the drugstore the other day to find out if they were artificial sweeteners…they were. 😦

just-one-moreSlash just one more day of pumping my body with carcinogenic chemicals?? PLEASE?!

2. I’m sort of addicted to Tums. Not in a consume 20 of them way, but last night I definitely munched on about 5-6. They’re just so tasty! Especially if you get the berry ones. The chocolate variety are actually disgusting which is just a little bit heartbreaking.

3. Apparently when you don’t do math it gets harder. First things first – I have ZERO complaints about not having to take math! I honestly breathe a little sigh of relief / thanks when I hear other people talking about calculus assignments / midterms. But I definitely struggled with order of operations in my computer science class and maaaaaay have (just for a second) thought 2 – 1 = 3 when numbering this post. #fail.


4. Sleep is quite possibly the most underrated thing in existence. Seriously – when I was living at home, if I got 6 hours of sleep, I was NOT a happy camper. 9 was my usual and not once did I wake up during the night. Enter: Emma at university. I got eight hours of sleep last night for the first time in the ENTIRE month that I have been here, and every single night of that I’ve woken up at least twice. I think it’s pretty safe to say I am going to be sleeping like the dead when I’m home.

5. In SIX DAYS I will be home! Speaking of being home…yep! I am leaving right after my computer science class for the airport on Wednesday and I could not be more excited. Any time I think about seeing my old cafe, coworkers, my mom (obviously), I 100% tear up with happiness. And then there are the dreams of baking muffins, healthy pancakes, PANINI…swoon. ❤


6. Nut butter jars have become highly dangerous. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of variety in my food these days or the limited carrots to munch on, but I’ve developed a nice little habit of “spoon/fork/whatever is available in the nut butter jar”. Yeah…it’s starting to become a problem. I’m nearing the end of my SECOND jar of the stuff and it has literally been 30 days. I suppose one of them was partially used…but yeah not really.

7. “Real” teenagers seriously shock me. Okay, I do not mean this in ANY sort of judgemental / pretentious way but…HOLY MAN ALIVE DO THEY EAT HORRIBLY! Just this morning I saw a kid devour three danishes the size of his face at 9am. One time I saw a bowl of ice cream at 7. I know we are all loving the freedom but…really?

8. I’m losing my cold tolerance. AH. I can’t believe I said it. But its true. It was 10ish degrees today (50F), and all I could think about all day was changing into leggings and my UBC hoodie. Seriously, Emma? This time last year I would have been in shorts.

What temperature do you consider officially “cold”? 

I used to say like -20…


4 thoughts on “Nut Butter Spoonfuls, Panini + Aspartame Free.

  1. So you do realize that it’s currently hovering around 1C here in Edmonton, right? No complaining 😛 And try not to go overboard on the Tums! They might be tasty, but they’re still “technically” medication, and too much calcium in your diet could actually lead to heart problems down the road. Eat dates — those are amazing 😛

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