My Running & Fitness Goals

Taking this past week off of running has forced me to focus on what I want from running long-term. I may be super jealous of all the people I see out running in the gorgeous fall weather / sprinting on the treadmill while I am on the spin bike, but I simply ask myself the same question every time I want to run:

“Would I rather run for an hour today or the rest of my life?”

Seriously – if I was lucky enough that my knee didn’t hurt during a run, I am quite sure I would be in pain 0.02 seconds after finishing and then be in CONSTANT pain for much much longer than  a week. I’m writing this post on Sunday evening, my fifth full day run-free. And guess what? My knee is 90% better. As if I needed affirmation that resting it was the right thing to do. This morning was the first time I put ANY stress on it (hello squats), but I still couldn’t do lunges without pain so I know I am not 100% yet.

Like I started off with – I have spent my time off thinking and dreaming about all the things I want to accomplish when I get back into running! Here is the list so far:

1. Run a sub 1:45 half marathon. This is nothing new – it is my HUGE, MAIN goal for running and my overarching focus with anything else I try to do. I am hoping to achieve this on June 7 in Calgary! 5 months of steady base training + 3 months of speedwork = goal achieved. We hope.

Calgary Marathon

2. Run a 10k in 45 minutes. In my mind, I need to be able to do this before I can run my goal time for a half. Ideally I will be able to run this on November 16, as that is the only 10k I am currently registered for! But that might be way too ambitious so we shall see I suppose.

3. Squat my bodyweight. I’ve sort of stalled at 95lbs and have been nervous to increase because I’m not confident about my form. I’ve never been taught so I’m hoping that I can get someone to check me out before continuing!

4. Become a personal trainer! This is happening summer 2015! It randomly occurred to me on my walk to the gym this morning as I was thinking about how much I genuinely LOVE the atmosphere there. It would be such a perfect side job for right now while I am in school and for the rest of my life! Until, you know, I am a millionaire. 😉

Tell me your biggest goal right now! 

4 thoughts on “My Running & Fitness Goals

  1. i’m also just starting college and adjusting to living in a dorm. i used to work out 5-6 days, and now i am so busy its maybe 1ce a week. so my goals would be to work out 3 days a week and run twice. stay on top of my work. do more cooking meal prep over the weekend 🙂
    I found you through Gina at Fitnessista and just read your bio, we seem to be a lot alike! (HARRY POTTER!) I really klike your blogg too!!

  2. I think you’re being really smart about waiting until your body is 100% ready to start up running. Like you said, it’s not worth being able to run for a short time now and then bang up your body so badly that you’ll have trouble with your knee for the rest of your life! Love all the goals :). Last year I actually considered becoming a personal trainer as well as a side job before realizing that I just didn’t have any time for it. It’s still something I’d like to achieve one day- you’ll be great at it!

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