My Running Breakthrough.


Or, more specifically, I am back, I suppose. I know that I completely disappeared last week after Tuesday and I feel awful! I definitely do not want to be that blogger that posts sporadically/unpredictably and so I am really going to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Last week was literally INSANITY, though, you guys. I seriously do not have words to describe it. Expect an update (many updates) because holy man alive is there a LOT going on right now.

I’m not talking about that today though, because it is MARATHON MONDAY! Thanks for hosting, Christina. 🙂


I am so extremely excited for this linkup this week because last’s week running was spectacular, off-the-charts wonderfully magnificent. I feel like I have spent so many weeks struggling to get back into running and even hitting 15mpw felt forced. Last week, though, I woke up in the mornings EXCITED to run. I was sad when my runs were over even when my legs weren’t. And I ran more than I ran during peak half marathon training, without even trying.

Monday: 2 miles + total body strength. 1 mile run to the gym, ~35 minute weights, 1 mile run back. I have no clue on pace but it was probably around ~9:00. I was NOT pushing it, especially on the way home after heavy squats!

dont-skip-legsWorth it…we can’t turn into a minion now can we?! [source.]

Tuesday: 4 miles @ 9:00. 6am morning friend run! I planned to use my Garmin but forgot to start it soooo again not too sure on pace. We ran for about 35 minutes and it felt extremely easy so it very well could have been slower / less miles but we are just going to go with this.

Wednesday: 6 mile tempo: 2 mile w/u, 2 @ 7:50, 2 mile c/d. I mostly wanted to do this run because it felt SO much shorter mentally. But I ended up loving it! I woke up like a clinically insane person at 5:30am and ran on the treadmill alternating between music and the Carrie Diaries (#guiltypleasure). Aside from a minor snafu of the treadmill stopping 400m before my tempo ended (RAGE!) this went off without a hitch and I was able to go faster than my planned 8:00 pace without even trying! I have been looking forward to doing this run again all week…just gotta make it until tomorrow. 😉


Thursday: 4 miles @ 8:17. Just some easy miles with a fast finish! Felt like hitting the pavement.

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 8 miles @ 8:41. Woohoo for increasing long run distance! I’m not training for anything in particular but I had done 7 a few times and decided I felt like going for 8. Things got a little tough around mile 4 (tired legs, bored mind) but I just changed my headspace and finished strong! I listed to “Marathon Training with Bart Yasso” the ENTIRE time and loved how it distracted me while not making me run too fast! I will definitely be listening to podcasts on all long runs from here on out.


Sunday: strength + spin + yoga. Surprisingly, I wasn’t sore AT ALL after Saturday’s run and frankly was super bored so I wanted to go to the gym for a second round of strength training. I just walked there, did some weights(squats were too easy – time for an increase!), abs, ~25 minutes of easy/moderate spinning and then walked back home. I signed up for a 7pm hatha yoga class for the month so that happened in the evening. It’s mainly stretching with a teensy bit of legs/abs and a really wonderful way to end the weekend.

YAY RUNNING! I feel SO so so motivated to continue base building this fall/winter, especially since I won’t have to run through a winter wonderland! I’ll probably stick with only one tough(er) workout per week because I don’t want to get burned out before I start really training for the Calgary Half in March. I’m just excited to be running happy!

What was the best thing about your week? (workout or otherwise!)

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