How to be the Master of Crosstraining.

So, I have to say, from a workout perspective, I am kind of in love with last week. The student recreation group at my school put on a huge open house where you could go to ANY and ALL group classes for 100% free. Um, as a university student, anything with “free” attached to it is up my alley. So off I went! I was really outside of my comfort zone, which I loved. Isn’t that the point of university anyway?

scaryThe usual goal.

Monday: ZUMBA. So, I FINALLY tried Zumba. After it being extremely popular for 9000 years and me wanting to try it for the same length of time, I finally got around to it. The funny story behind this one is that I was planning to go to a yoga class at 7am. Well, geographically-challenged Emma walked around campus for an hour and a half before giving up and going back to her dorm room. I really wanted to do some sort of activity that day (I was writing an article about it!) so I made myself go to Zumba right after my class ended at 6pm. I am not even CLOSE to being called a dancer, but no one there cared! We were all just jamming out to the music and it was SO much fun. I definitely left sweaty – not in a “puke-your-brains-out workout” way, just a really nice, relaxing effort.

Tuesday: Cycle Boot Camp. This was definitely the week of firsts – first zumba class and first spin class! This was a combo of 25 minute spin + 25 minute bootcamp. I loved it! Spinning was a great way to switch up the cardio from running and I loved that you could alternate between hills/sprints for different “feelings” while still maintaining a hard effort. Occupied brain = happy workout. The bootcamp portion focused on shoulders/triceps/back, but honestly anything that gets me to do weights these days is a godsend. The gym is just so farrrrrrr. #lazystudent


Wednesday: Early Riser Boot Camp. What it sounds like – a bunch of crazies getting together at 7am to sweat out the sleep. The instructor said he took it easy on us, but honestly this was the perfect level for me. It was a full-body circuit style workout and I felt like the not-so-challenging exercises helped get me through the super tough ones. I would be scared to go to a “real” version of it!

Thursday: 3 miles @ 8:33. My legs were PRETTY DARN SORE from the last 3 workouts (zumba = all the squats) and so I wanted to do a short run + stretch/foam rolling to get them ready for my hoped-for 7 mile run on Friday.

Friday: OFF. My alarm went off at 6am and after answering to it all week (after 5 hours of sleep!) I said “nope!” and promptly rolled over. It turned out to be a good decision because the legs were still hurting and I was just generally wiped. Rest is best. 🙂

Saturday: 7 miles @ 8:19. So this is the problem that sometimes arises when not looking at your watch. You THINK you are taking it easy when in fact you are running far far too fast and will pay for it sincerely during the last mile. 7 miles is still a somewhat uncomfortable distance for me (both mentally and physically) so it really needs to be run at an 8:30+ pace. I had splits all the way down to 8:00! The kicker came when I saw 5.88 on my Garmin (first time I checked), thought I was almost done, and then realized that 5 did not come before 7. BUMMER. Anyway I finished this run feeling like I had to throw up all the quivering muscles in my legs, but I also felt like a total freaking badass.

Sunday: Hatha yoga. I went back and forth with working out and after deciding to take a rest day, remembered that there was a free hatha yoga class at the studio close to my residence! I knew hatha was supposed to be just really gentle, relaxing stretching, so I hit that up to end my weekend on a good note and prepare for the week ahead.

I don’t love the fact that I barely ran this week, but I did have a kickass long run so I’m okay with it! I’m happy to have a crosstraining week before really zoning in on running again. The gym is about 2 miles away so realistically I don’t see myself going there a ton. I think my goal will be to run there, lift full-body weights and run back twice per week, with two other runs being one long and one workout. But only time will tell.

Tell me something different you did this week! 


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