Half Marathon-ing: My Offseason Plan

Happy Monday! I’m linking up with Christina for the FIRST TIME to join in on the Marathon Monday fun! I always forget that this is going on and publish my running posts on Tuesdays – but look who is on the ball today!


I have a dream.

My dream is to be a Half Marathoner. Call me crazy, but I don’t feel like I can run one and claim the title. It’s not like being a Marathoner, where I don’t care if you run, hop, skip or crawl 26.2 miles – you do it, you get the name. To me, I want to run halfs aaaawl the time! Once I feel really comfortable with the distance, then I think I will feel comfortable with the title.


Or so I tell myself. 😉

So, since this summer after my first half marathon was spent as a typical “running off-season” (focusing on weights, strength, mental break from pounding out the miles), I don’t particularly want to take one right as I’m getting into the groove again. What I really want to do is very slowly increase my mileage so that longer distances become a piece of cake. This way, when I start training for the Calgary Half Marathon in March, the focus can be on speed, since the distance will already be taken care of.

Right now, I’m hovering around 7 miles. It’s not a particularly long run, but I’ve given it “long run status” in my mind (can any runners out there relate?) and I need to change that! I think that instead of trying to run it every weekend as my long run, I am going to wake up on a random day each week and just knock it out. Not put too much thought into it, just run for an hour until it feels commonplace. That being said, I want to increase my all-around weekly mileage as well as NOT forgetting about strength/crosstraining. I worked hard for my muscles and I want to keep some of them, dammit!


In an ideal, perfect world, this is going to be my workout schedule for the next few months. Since I’m a university student in Vancouver, I

a) Will probably get sick of running in the rain. Things may shuffle.

b) Will DEFINITELY sleep through my alarm once in a while. Things may shuffle.

Flexibility here will be key! But I do want to stay true to the plan about 80-90%. I am DETERMINED to go sub-1:45 in Calgary this June, and that is a BIG goal. I know I can do it – the work just needs to be done.

Monday: Tempo 6 miles: 2 mile warmup, 2 miles @ rp (8:00), 2 mile cooldown. Obviously the numbers will change as I progress but this is what I am starting with so as to not intimidate myself!

Tuesday: Easy 4 miles + strength. Run 2 miles to the gym, work out, run 2 miles home.

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: Easy 4 miles + strength. Run 2 miles to the gym, work out, run 2 miles home.

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Long run 7-13 miles. I don’t have a schedule for increasing my long run, I’m just going to do what feels good. Ideally I’ll be able to run 13 again before training starts though!

tired-halfAnd then maybe I won’t look like death at the finish line next year. 😉

Sunday: Hatha yoga. I registered for the Sunday evening class and am really looking forward to having a designated hour each week to simply stretching and relaxing. This will pretty much be an off day, with the added bonus of forcing me to work on my flexibility.

This plan has three off days instead of my usual two, but I think it will be better considering how much I am walking here and my general desire to stay rested/fueled/injury-free (sort of a reasonable request dontcha think?)

What do you do to stay fit during the off-season? Or do you even try? 


One thought on “Half Marathon-ing: My Offseason Plan

  1. You can do it! I am having a baby in December but after my little man comes, and I heal, I am going to jump into running again! I took a whole year off and am itching to get back into it. I’m going to document my every step from starting out at my 13 minute miles I know I’m going to be at to becoming a boston qualifier. (It’s going to happen, don’t laugh) Don’t ever be afraid to go for your dreams and what ever you want to accomplish in life! Can’t wait to follow your journey!

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