College – The Myths Are True (Weekly Workouts)

NO – I am NOT referring to the Freshman Fifteen. Although I honestly have no idea how much I weigh, since I don’t have a scale here, I am pretty confident that I haven’t gained much weight. I think a huge part of that is the fact that at my school, campus is MASSIVE. And unless you have a bike, you literally walk everywhere.

Case in point: last week I took an average of 18 000 steps per day. Most days it was actually over 20, but I had a slower day on Sunday and only took about 6500. I haven’t been keeping track of/planning my workouts very much, just trying to run a decent amount of miles and fit in some strength training. The latter of which I totally failed at, though. The student rec center here (while DIRT cheap) is just so far away and sooooo full of big sweaty guys 24/7 that it’s not very appealing.

Running = life.


But back to the title! The myth (that is not a myth at all) that college students don’t need sleep is SO. TRUE. At home, if I slept for less than 7 hours I would be soooo exhausted and cranky. But here? I got less than 6 hours every single night last week and felt perfectly fine. I definitely felt it last night when I passed out at 10pm, but for the most part I think our brains recognize the fact that we are in college and adjust sleep needs. 😉

So in addition to walking ALL THE PLACES, this is what went on this week!

Monday: 2 miles + 2 miles. I ran 2 miles on my own around an ~8:30 pace, and then met up with a friend and did 2 more! We ran an easy conversational pace along a gorgeous path, down fifty million stairs and walked along the beach. ❤ Climbing back up said fifty million stairs was not as enjoyable…but satisfying. 🙂

Tuesday: OFF. My legs were SHOT from yesterday + Sunday’s tougher run.

Wednesday: 2 miles + strength. I ran 1 mile to the gym (felt way farther), did about a 25 minute strength workout (random exercises trying to avoid scary gym rats) and then ran/walked back to my res.

Thursday: OFF. It had been maybe 2 weeks since I did strength training and I was beyond sore.

Friday: 7 miles @ 8:40. THIS was the run that I needed. I woke up not feeling awesome, and told myself I only had to do 3. Once I got to 2.5 I decided I felt good enough to go for 5, the distance I’m trying to make my minimum. And then after that I STILL felt awesome so I pushed for 7! My ultimate goal is to be able to run 10 miles comfortably before starting half marathon training, so this made me feel reeeeeallly awesome.

Saturday: OFF. 

Sunday: 3 miles @ 8:22. I didn’t look at my watch the whole time – first mile was slower around ~8:50 and the other two picked up at ~8:10! 100% by feel – loved it.

All in all, I am super happy with how the week went! I’m not used to doing so little strength training, and I know I need to figure out a better system for that – but I had 2 SOLID, INTENSE workouts and 2 easier ones. Ideally I feel like I prefer 5, but with my new schedule/increased activity I think 4 will be perfect. 🙂


2 thoughts on “College – The Myths Are True (Weekly Workouts)

  1. You impress me…I need to start running more, but I find in college it’s hard to even find the time! But it’s true – I totally walk so much more when I’m at school just going around campus! Congrats on a great workout week.

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