Thinking Out Loud: My First Day of University

And Thinking Out Loud has returned once again! It’s crazy to think that just 2 weeks ago I was typing “The Last Thinking out Loud” on my bed in our Edmonton condo, and now I am writing this on my dorm room bed in Vancouver. In some ways it feels like yesterday, and in others, an eternity.

AND that’s it for the philosophicalness. Thanks for hosting, Amanda! 


1. I survived my first day of university classes. You guys!!! And they were nowhere near as bad as I thought they would be! Not that I was expecting awful…but I had definitely braved myself for 400-student lectures with intimidating profs and overwhelming course material. But so far, so good!

2. Computer science may actually be interesting. Yeah, I know, it’s hard to believe. I have been scared SILLY for this course, as have all the people I’ve talked to. (My Media Studies program requires it but all the students are artsy aka know nothing about coding whatsoever). And while it definitely will not be easy or even close to that, I’m excited to learn something COMPLETELY new. Isn’t that what college is all about, anyway?

3. I relenquish my tough Albertan status. It was 16 degrees on Tuesday, and I. Was. FROZEN!!! I don’t know what it is about Vancouver but that wet cold really gets you. It was pouring all day long so of course despite my raincoat and umbrella, I was totally soaked. Slippers and yoga pants that evening were the best part of my existence.


4. I also give up on doing my hair. I chalked up the disaster that went down yesterday to the rain – but it happened again today, when it was totally dry!! Frizzballs – UNITE. Ugh. Looks like it’s going to be #ponytaillyfe for the next 8 months. (Because that’s such a change 😉

5. My innocence is waning. I just played Cards Against Humanity for the first time last night. I don’t think I – or my nightmares – will ever be the same.


6. What are cute shoes anymore? In the past five days, I have walked 15 000 + steps (usually closer to 20!) I see girls wearing heels / wedges and just think… “HOW are you alive?!” My poor feet are feeling it. But hey – at least this means I will be an awesome New Yorker!

7. Things are not looking good for sleep this year. At home, I would be in bed right now, all cozy ready to wake up and run at 6am tomorrow. What am I actually doing? Well, I just walked in my door 5 minutes ago at 10pm (early by some standards), am going to finish this post, do homework, get ready for bed, and THEN sleep. And still hopefully wake up at 6? Pray for me.

Tell me your funniest Cards Against Humanity / Apples to Apples! 


12 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: My First Day of University

  1. WOOOO! Can’t believe you’re all settled in and have already had your first day of class! UCSB doesn’t start till October 2nd since we’re on the quarter system instead of the semester system, so I still have another month or so of relaxation. Glad to hear that your computer science class won’t be as bad as you thought. Also, the idea of walking around in high heels all day makes me cringe. Most days my outfits at school consist of workout clothes and tennis shoes. Comfort for the win!

  2. So great to hear that your first day of school was awesome 😀 I think we always build things up in our minds to be worse off than they actually are. And I definitely know what you mean about wet cold! It gets chilly here in AB, but at least it’s dry. Humidity makes both heat AND cold 100x worse.

  3. YOU were frozen!? Just goes to show – anything is possible. I’m glad first day went down well..funny, you were expecting it to be awful…and me whose never had that whole uni experience imagines every second to be gloriously exciting! Good thing I seem to be more correct with my perception 😉 .

    • Being able to drink hot coffee comfortably = the #1 reason why I am okay with not living somewhere warmer. 😉

      Vancouver still hasn’t reached the “cool afternoons” state yet, but the mornings have been perfect! Now we wait for the rain…

  4. I’m so so excited that you’re moved in and going to uni! I’m also a little bit jealous. I feel you with the giving up on hair. My first week of school I look okay, but by the third week I’m pretty sure I look like a cross dresser. Come down to Texas if you need to thaw out. It’s been in the 90’s as long as I can remember 🙂

    • PLEASE do not be jealous!! Make sure you really take the time to appreciate being home – it will be gone before you know it. ❤

      I would love to go back to Texas! I'm not sure my hair would get any help, but I would never say no to (a bit of) sun. 😉

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