WIAW: Eats in Vancity + Cookie Overload

Because cookies are never a bad thing, right? Sadly this WIAW is not of the college variety. My dining hall is S.A.D, not to mention the fact that it’s hard enough to sit down beside new people at every meal, let alone explain to them why you are taking a picture of your fruit bowl. So, these are my eats from my awesome road trip / time in Vancouver before moving into residence. 🙂 Thanks to Jenn, as always, for hosting!


Why leave the best for last? Let’s kick things off with a BANG. This was a peanut butter BURGER – chocolate sandwiched between two peanut butter cookies. Heaven is an understatement, especially when enjoyed with THE best iced coffee of my entire existence. 🙂


Cookies from a coffee shop round 2. I think that needs to be a thing around here. My mom had the mini oat cookie, and I devoured the coconut raisin cookie! I was STARVING at this point and it didn’t really do much to satisfy my hunger, but DAMN was it delicious.


I warned you this was cookie overload! Plus I know you just needed a close-up.


Hooray for actual food! Oh goodness you guys, this food was DIVINE. I had a mushroom omelet, roasted potatoes and baguette with homemade strawberry and apple preserves. So simple, fresh, and satisfying.


Last breakfast with my mom! (tear). This is a roasted beet, apple, + goat cheese panini. I couldn’t taste the beets (win), and there was just enough goat cheese that I could enjoy it without feeling overpowered. Totally fantastic on all fronts, except the arugula they snuck in there. You had better believe I ripped that out STAT.


Annnnnd, a macchiato because it is entirely impossible for me to post a WIAW / blog at all without discussing coffee of some sort. I also just realized that Vancouver REALLY likes its wooden tables. 😉


One thought on “WIAW: Eats in Vancity + Cookie Overload

  1. Jeez that’s a burger I could get on board with it; peeps can keep their meaty ones.
    Thanks for reminding me to schedule an iced coffee..soon..preferably on a coffee-date with the big Sis 😀 .

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