University Running, Crazy Stairs + Beach Explorations

Running in university has been SO FUN! I’ve only gone twice so I can’t exactly speak long term, but both have been beyond wonderful.


I am going to start recapping my runs / workouts to keep myself accountable when life gets crazy right away! So I’ll start with the runs off campus at the beginning of the week, and then end when I arrived. 🙂

Monday: 5 miles @ 8:11. I ran 5 miles the day before at 8:14, a pretty quick pace for me, so I didn’t look at my watch AT ALL on this run. My legs felt so heavy and I was expecting to be so slow. Well, the fact that my pace was three seconds faster than Sunday was a rather nice confidence booster. 🙂 Obviously my legs are getting better at running through fatigue. Woohoo for progress!

Tuesday: OFF. A serious off day – day 1 of the road trip to Vancouver! Aside from a couple of mini walks, I was basically sitting all. day. long. Can someone say numb butt?!

Wednesday: Bodyweight strength. I thought I was going to run, but honestly just wasn’t in the mood. I did want to get a little bit of a workout in so I spent maybe 20 minutes doing squats/random leg exercises plus some pushups. I was sore! There were also a couple of mini (but great) hikes throughout the day!

Thursday: OFF. We drove forever and a day again to get to Vancouver and I was totally wiped by the end of the day. We walked a decent amount after arriving, though!

Friday: 5 miles @ 8:22. Once I got to Vancouver I decided that my fear of running in new places needed to be squashed ASAP since there would be zero running involved if it wasn’t. I loved seeing all the new sights and soaking in the fresh air! The rest of the day was spent walking over every inch of Vancouver.

Saturday: OFF. Moving day! Not very much lifting though – thank goodness for volunteers.

Sunday: 5 miles @ 8:30. YOU. GUYS. I actually went on a run with elevation change. Be proud of me. I ran up the hill from my residence and then finished going down it, which was basically the only way it was going to happen. This run was RIGHT after I said goodbye to my mom, so it was very much needed to stay sane. I somehow ended up walking 20 000 steps throughout the day exploring campus…can you say TRASHED legs?

Although I did the exact same thing on Monday too…you guys. I ran 2 miles on my own @ 8:30, then did 2 more with a new friend @ 9:30 ish, followed by  a beautiful walk on the beach. I’ve been to a beach maybe three times in my life? #albertawinning. We walked along the sand, heard/smelled the tide and I just drank in happiness.


Annnnnnd then we casually climbed 467 stairs. There were people RUNNING up them. I die. There is a thing called “Wreck Stairs Challenge” where you have crazies doing these things 1-2 times a day to get the most points by the end of the year. It’s my goal to run them once. 😉

I also just got my gym membership ($60/YEAR!) so I will have a lot of fun running/working out in the mornings before class! I’m so excited for everything to get going!

What was your most memorable workout this week? 


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