Never Apologize for YOU.

WOW. These past 2 days have definitely been a whirlwind. On Saturday, I moved into my dorm room, met a million new people and started figuring out what life would be like on my own. On Sunday, I said goodbye to my mom, realized that I was REALLY on my own, and only freaked out a tiny little bit. These are my achievements of yesterday:

  • First run on campus without getting lost
  • First shower in shared bathrooms without being grossed out/forced to wait
  • Found a textbook online for 1/2 the price that the bookstore wanted ($100 for a book I will never touch again…no thank you)
  • And a few more things because I’m awesome like that but we can leave it at that.

I’m feeling preeetty positive now, but I’m forcing myself to a little. You guys, starting university is SCARY! At first (last night) I felt SO lame because it seemed like my whole floor was going to this gross frat party and I would literally have rather scooped my eyeballs out with a fork. I was exhausted, not to mention I’m so not a party chick anyways. SO yeah. I was blaming myself for being weird and abnormal because I hadn’t made best friends in the 12 hours I had been there and would rather go to sleep than rub against sweaty people. It sounds ridiculous now, but in the moment it was tough!

After a couple of phone calls with my dearest mother and talking to myself a little, I realized two very important things.

1. I CAN DO WHATEVER THE HECK I WANT. Seriously. I am 18 years old, and made the (really freaking hard) choice to move away to university instead of choosing the safe option and living at home. Seeing as “whatever I want” is things like going to bed earlyish, not drinking, and sometimes chilling in my dorm room, yeah, I can do what I want. There is no one telling me that I HAVE to go to this party or spend all my energy from dusk till dawn trying to make friends. I can spend a lot of time doing that and go to a party if I feel like it, but I don’t HAVE to. It sounds obvious but has been so comforting.

2. I don’t need to apologize for being myself. I knew all throughout high school that I wasn’t a typical teenager. I love to work out, eat healthy, and do well in school. THOSE were my priorities then, and just because I am now a university student doesn’t mean that has to change. It can…but only if I want it to. I’m not going to apologize for not drinking / sleeping a normal amount / BEING MYSELF.

I am Emma, a health nut who runs and reads. And I ROCK. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Never Apologize for YOU.

  1. Thatta girl Emma! I would say you’re going about it just right; being genuinely marvelously you means you will connect with the “right” friends for you. Besides, the most appealing quality is being able to respect your own wishes and do you. Rock on 🙂 !

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