I Moved Out – Thinking Out Loud

Believe me you guys, I am painfully aware of the fact that I haven’t blogged for a week. It hurts. I feel guilting. I miss writing. Blah blah blah. The truth is, though, I do sort of have a very valid reason. We’re going about this Thinking Out Loud style, because


a) Amanda’s link up is the bomb.freaking com

b) I can.

1. I moved out. 

I actually, legitimately no longer live at home full time. Last weekend was spent packing up all my favourite clothes, makeup, nut butter (obvs) and a WHOLE BUNCH of dorm decorations because we all know that’s necessary. And then on Tuesday morning I woke up and drove away.

Am I sad about it? HELL NO. I am SO excited for every single day to be a new adventure. Heck – it already is.

2. Cheap coffee = not actually so bad. I drank both Keurig coffee and coffee from a cheap grinder and guess what? I actually liked it. I know – personal growth, people. I’m not planning on spending $5/per day on coffee, and I am DEFINITELY not buying a $250 grinder, so this was a necessary adjustment. Be proud of me.

coffee3But let’s be real – We all know I’ll never really say goodbye to a $5 latte.

In terms of actual adventures, though, I had one of those too!

3. We hiked to the top of Mount Revelstoke! Is it just me, or does anyone else absolutely love that feeling standing over a cliff knowing that with one wrong step you would be a goner? I’m sort of an adrenaline junkie that way. But for the most part, I will keep getting my adrenaline fix from running – there are no crazy suspension bridge plans over here.


4. I’m sore from a 20 minute workout. I always plan to go running on trips since it’s so easy, but then I wimp out because I’m lazy/hungry/scared of getting lost. Yesterday morning I did a circuit of squats, lunges, and random bodyweight leg workouts and HOLY MAN ALIVE my poor glutes. Love that feeling.

5. Bees are my worst enemy. I have never, EVER been stung by a bee nor wasp. I’m not sure when I transitioned from “kinda scared” to “full-out terrified” but on our hike, every time I heard a buzzing I LOST IT. It is honestly not an attempt to be dramatic or get attention. I literally feel my heart stop and speed up at the same time when I hear/see one. And yet I can’t remember the last time I wore bug spray…

6. Apparently I’m not good with essential equipment. Do you want to know the one thing I forgot at home? AN UMBRELLA. Seriously. I am moving to THE rainiest city in Canada and I can’t even remember an umbrella. I’m hoping that there’s time before the nonstop rain for my mom to get home and mail it to me because I”m a poor student now and don’t want to buy another one. Still, though. #fail.

What is the dumbest thing you have ever forgotten?

How old were you when you moved out? 


2 thoughts on “I Moved Out – Thinking Out Loud

  1. Why do I not own an umbrella?! Now that it’s raining cows and dogs and given the fact that I despise getting drenched…I’m thinking its to do with -being me- I’d have to employ an umbrella-carrier to go with it, as I like having my hands free, hah!
    You are such a coffee snob ohmygoose. I’m excited for you Emma, adventourous times indeed 🙂 .

  2. Woot woot! Exciting that you moved out. A whole new chapter of your life is about to start and it’s going to be WONDERFUL!

    Get used to drinking cheap coffee ;). I’ll be the first to admit that Kyle and I spend WAY too much on lattes, especially when it’s final’s week. It can suck the money out of your wallet in no-time!

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