The Last Thinking Out Loud.

1. Until I live in VANCOUVER! Seriously, is this real life?! I leave this coming Tuesday, on the road trip extraordinaire, and when we arrive on Thursday I will officially be in my new city. CRAZINESS. I don’t even know what to say. But don’t worry, the randomness will never stop flowing over here. Thanks Amanda. 🙂


2. Is it bad I still haven’t packed yet? I just have SO SO MUCH to do and I also don’t have boxes yet. Between confirming loans, bursaries, changing my area code and shopping (all the shopping – necessities, truly) packing just sort of hasn’t made it to the top of the to-do-list. Awkward.

3. Garmin > iPhone. Last night I had to choose whether to charge my Garmin or my phone. Clearly, the Garmin won. What can I say? Running takes precedence over texting. It was a tough call, though. Can you say #firstworldproblem?

7-milesPost run Garmin shot = non-negotiable. 

4. I only have 2 more shifts at work. You. Guys. I am such a mess. I was literally on the verge of tears all afternoon yesterday because I couldn’t stop thinking about leaving. And then it got worse when my coworkers started saying that they were so sad I was leaving and my boss asked when my last shift was and I had to say Saturday and ASKJHDASDKJH now I’m crying again.

5. I found a wine that I like! My mother was ready to disown me because I have nearly spat out every single wine I’ve ever tasted. She is SUCH a wino so seeing me only tolerate things like caesars and margaritas was making her cringe. Luckily she found me a sparkling rose that is the And yes, I definitely did feel tres chic drinking my wine.


6. In case we forgot math  is not my forte…Tuesday at the gym was my first time squatting in ~2 weeks thanks to the crazy calf scare and then my NYC trip! So smart little Emma over here, totally out of it, forgets that the bar weighs a very substantial 45lbs and loads 95lbs EXTRA onto the bar, and then tries to squat. Obviously she nearly dies, reduces the weight to 50lbs, squats, then spends the next 20 minutes of her workout wondering how she lost so much muscle in two weeks before remembering the bar weight. #fail. #thankgoodnessforartsdegrees

7. Dry curd cottage cheese + peanut butter + jam. Don’t question it. Just try it.

8. The fall cravings have begun. I blame all the leaves in New York. This girl is SO ready for jeans, boots, even pumpkin spice lattes (don’t judge me).


9. I’M COMING HOME FOR THANKSGIVING! Yeah. 🙂 Originally my mom was coming out to Vancouver but we changed plans and I am SO SO happy. I smelled fall at work yesterday and started reminiscing about last fall when I just started there and got really really sad. But now I will be back and so everything is well again. 🙂 ❤

Tell me one thing I should do before I move! Because I really need more on my to-do list. 😉


7 thoughts on “The Last Thinking Out Loud.

  1. Okay you kind of scared me there for a second with the whole “last” thing 😛 Don’t toy with my emotions that way. But that’s so freaking epic that you’ll be in Vancouver soon! I’ll be in BC next Thursday too, and while it was originally -supposed- to be in Vancouver and Vancouver Island, we settled on Whistler instead. Can.not.WAIT.

  2. What’s the name of the sparkling rose you like? I’m a huge wino myself!

    Good luck with your move! That’s so exciting! I’ve always wanted to visit Vancouver – it looks like an amazing city.

  3. I’m definitely not judging the pumpkin spice lattes ;). Those things are my favorite EVER. So comforting! I’m more of a summer girl, but a bit cooler weather will be a nice change. I’ll probably only like it for a few weeks before I decide it’s time for summer to come back, though ;).

    It’s so crazy that you’re moving soon! AHH!

  4. I seriously thought you weren’t going to be blogging at all when you said the last TOL – gosh, Emma, I really 100% would have cried! 😦 You are going to have so much fun at college; I’m so excited to hear about it! Also, holidays at home are the bomb, so it is awesome that you are able to come back for Thanksgiving 🙂
    I laughed so hard at the “squat scare” – 45 pounds makes a huge difference haha! I set my max at 130, so I was squatting 125 for 5 reps and the bar almost fell off my shoulders when I tried to pick it up. You see, being short, I have to stand on my tip toes to get the bar out of the holders, so adding 125 makes for a significantly harder calf raise 😉
    Also, 2 things: I’m not judging you for PSL’s – they are the I am judging you for running 7 freaking miles at an 8:15 pace. HOW???

  5. I never run with my phone anyways so Garmin would win for me too. Good thing you did. Turned out to be a great run. I have the same watch and I love it. Glad you finally found a wine you enjoyed. I’m such a wino too, although I’m not picky when it comes to it. I enjoy all kinds.

  6. I can’t believe how the packing is being pushed back! I would be dyyying…
    I always moan and grumble when you guys up in Canada broadcast your gorgeous fall – it’s the legit “storybook” type you know!?

  7. I’m so happy for you! VANCOUVER? That’s so awesome! Take lots of pictures and post them because I’ve never been there, and I am utterly jealous of you. You are going to have amazing times there! Make new friends, go new places, do new things, and remember everyone here in the blog world is so happy for you! Also, I suck at math too. I’ve totally screwed up weights too, and then I usually end up looking like a fool. It’s a normal occurrence around these parts. And my fall cravings are intense! I live in South Texas right by the beach, so I basically live where it’s eternally summer, so I technically have no reason to be craving fall, but I am. I can’t wait for crispy fall morning runs, pumpkins, and that warm feeling you get when it’s fall! 🙂

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