What I Ate: 18th Birthday // The Big Apple

I’M JOINING THE WIAW PARTY AGAIN! Yes, that absolutely deserved all capitals because I freaking MISS it! I don’t regret my decision to take a break, but with the plethora of mouth-watering food pictures taking up all the space on my iPhone, I knew a return was necessary. ๐Ÿ™‚

This is almost all NYC pictures…



with a bit of alcohol thrown in there from my 18th birthday for good measure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hey! I’ve gotta live it up while I can, right? In 6 days I will be off to the land of under-19-ness and therefore I am allowed to post lots of pictures of margaritas. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

In non-boozy news, the waitress at brunch brought this out to me after our meal!! It was SO sweet of her, especially because she probably thought I was an insane person seeing me sob all over my toast. (post NYC reveal – really not an insane person!)


We have arrived in the city. You. Guys. This was corn fried in butter, cilantro and who knows what else.


SO. GOOD. Delicious. Unbelievable. There really are no words. Pro tip: If you ever find yourself eating something similar, don’t try to be all dainty-like and scrape the corn off the cob with your knife. Pick the damn thing up and EAT IT LIKE A MAN! It will taste 900x better, I promise you.


There is an awesome story behind this one. I had just had a snack recently, so I wasn’t super hungry when my mom wanted to head out for an early dinner. I saw green apples in a salad on the menu and super nicely asked the owner if I could just eat an apple for a snack (I was planning on doing bad things to Ben & Jerry later). Not only does he actually bring me out a granny smith apple – and offer to cut it for me – he gave me champagne for my birthday! Of course, he had to give it to my mom to drink on my behalf (21…what is this) but STILL!

If that wasn’t enough, he later brought me out this beauty. By this time I actually was hungry so I totally devoured it. We watched the chefs make the food from the bar (there was a bar in front of alcohol and a bar in front of the kitchen) and it was all SO fresh and real. I have never before tasted fresh mozzarella that I actually liked until this moment. Divine.


Hands down the best thing I ate in NYC. This was a peanut butter acai bowl topped with bananas, peanut butter + cacao nibs and LAYERED with hemp granola so you get wonderful deliciousness in every bite. This is what dreams are made of folks. Eaten while people watching on Columbus Circle = heaven. Juice Generation, you WILL come to Canada.

ย picnic-saladPicnic in Central Park.

ย intelligentsiaMandatory Intelligentsia stop.ย 

And that’s it! The trip felt so long, but it also feels like 10 minutes ago I was waking up to get on the plane.

Have you ever been to New York?

What is the most amazingly delicious thing you have EVER eaten?ย 

That acai bowl for me…seriously #1 in my 18 years.


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