I’m Really Not an American.

Well…I suppose we all knew that already. But you guys – being in the United States for the first time in years was shocking on SO many levels. The amount of normal things that are just SO different! And so while I will always love NYC, it made me very happy and proud to be a Canadian. 🙂

Portrait of a boy with the flag of Canada painted on his faceI’m not sure I would ever go this far…but you never know. 😉

1. CRASH! In Canada, if two people are heading in the same direction, both will generally veer off to the opposite side so as to completely avoid a collision. I don’t know if this is just in NYC (but I do remember experiencing it in Texas) but people on the street will crash right into you if you are in there way! It’s like “You had better get the eff outta my way bitch ’cause I ain’t movin’.”

2. All the bags. Every SINGLE time I bought something in New York, the sales clerk gave me a bag! I kid you not – I bought one postcard from the Rockefeller Center and I was given a bag three times its size. I usually gave them back, and got the strangest looks when I did. It was like, eco – WHAT?

3. FUNCTIONAL FOOTWEAR! I did not see ONE person walking in New York with the ridiculous shoes I see at home. Everyone was wearing converse-style sneakers, full-out running shoes, or somewhere in between. It really makes me wonder about the amount of wear the shoes I saw at Saks get… 😉


What are some differences you’ve noticed while travelling? 


2 thoughts on “I’m Really Not an American.

  1. Those SAKS shoes are pretty ridiculous. And I feel ya with the bags – I had the same issue when I was in Philly and DC for camps. When I was in Montreal and Quebec with my French class, I bought nail polish, and the bag that I got perfectly fit the polish and was teeny, which was awesome!

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