Officially A New Yorker.

Fooooor approximately five days. At my birthday breakfast yesterday (which I totally failed at taking a picture of, but imagine this: whole grain bread, cottage cheese, apricot jam + soft poached eggs. swoon. <3) my mom COMPLETELY shocked me with a trip to NEW YORK CITY! Leaving TOMORROW. I 100% started crying in the restaurant. I’ve wanted to go to NYC my entire life, almost went on a school trip two years ago but couldn’t because of Hurricane Sandy. So now, going to this amazing city with my mom for my 18th birthday is absolutely beyond recognition.


Seeing as when I get home this Friday I move to Vancouver in ten, TEN (!!!!!) days, I’m not going to be blogging this week. It’s my last chance to really experience something awesome with her and I am going to be living it up! I will most likely still be instagramming, though, so follow me @lifesarunner!

So far I’ve been imagining running through Central Park, checking out the New York Times, visiting Ground Zero, seeing Les Miserables on Broadway, and of course the obligatory pizza, hot dogs and bagels. There is SO MUCH to see and I know we won’t get to everything, but I would love any suggestions!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and see you on the other side! šŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Officially A New Yorker.

  1. I visited NYC in May for the first time. It was wonderful. One thing I would do again for sure is to ride the Staten Island Ferry. It was free and provided amazing views. Going to the Statue of Liberty can be a hassle and requires tickets but this is a free way to get quite close to see it. I have a recap on my site with some other places I loved and will check out again next time I visit. Have a blast!

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