Thinking Out Loud: SCARY Post Long Run + 18th Birthday!

In the spirit of the Thinking Out Loud randomness over at Amanda’s, I’m going to let you in on a little secret – I HATE digging through all my pictures for the Thinking Out Loud picture. It’s gorgeous, but man it takes SO long. And if I miss it, I end up scrolling until the cows come home before I realize my mistake. 😉



1. I ran 7 miles again! Holy man alive was it tough, and I couldn’t do it nonstop. I ran 2 miles to the gym, 3.5 on the treadmill, and then 1.5 to the grocery store to reward myself with an iced chai latte. ❤ Seriously though, as soon as I got to the gym I was dripping in sweat. There were several face wiping with shirt occurrences. Attractive.


2. Debit machine limits are lame. When I got to the gym and took mini break #1, I was buying water and didn’t have cash on me. So I had to buy two crap filled protein bars that I promptly threw out so that I could chug 1 litre of water on the treadmill.

3. Gelato is not excellent pre-run fuel. My best friend and I had a birthday planning session over a looooot of chocolate gelato. Wonderful and fun, but my stomach was not thrilled on said run above a couple hours later. Still worth it.

4. The SCARIEST thing happened to me Wednesday morning. I got out of bed, and my legs literally buckled beneath me. I had to grab onto my bed to not fall. Then, after I regained my balance and walked 3 steps to the door, it happened again! This is calf soreness on STEROIDS. I know my 7 mile run the day before was taxing, but it’s not like I have only ever run 2 miles in my life. I did this distance 2 weeks ago (faster) and was totally fine! Anyway, work that day was interesting. Let’s leave it at that.


5. I have a high school diploma! Yeah, it finally came in the mail. Not as impressive as I was hoping for, but hey. I DESERVE IT.

6. I also deserve a margarita. My main mission on my 18th birthday: Find the sweetest, fruitiest, most sugar-laden margarita known to man so that it covers up the taste of alcohol. That shit’s nasty.

7. Birthday mission #2: Get carded as many times as possible. That means buying a lottery ticket, random things at a liquor store, and ordering all drinks when at restaurants. 🙂

8. I’m a bit nervous for my birthday. I have never gone to anything even resembling a club so I have no idea what to expect. I don’t even know what time is normal to start going out! Should I eat dinner before or while bar hopping? I’m sooooo clueless.

Tell me: what else should I do on my 18th birthday? 


6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: SCARY Post Long Run + 18th Birthday!

  1. 😆 Aww! You’re the cutest! Regarding the clubbing: just play it by ear. I usually went out around 9 or 10, but a lot of that depends on what club you’re going to and whether you’re on a VIP list since some of them have crazy lines as the night goes on. I definitely recommend eating, though — most club food is… well… let’s just say people don’t go to clubs to eat. But above all, stay SAFE and have fun. Clubs are dark and loud, but an absolute blast if you love to dance.

  2. Mhmmm is that one of those chai lattes you were talking about? And so weird about your legs buckling underneath you. Sometimes that happens to me when I over-do it at the gym/running, but it’s always because I have a bad knee (broke my femur/have metal rods in it) so it’s not too unexpected. But woohooo to the 7 miles! That’s fantastic :). I’m sitting here trying to get amped up on coffee before undertaking a run myself. Probably not anywhere near 7, but I’m shooting for 4ish! Wish me luck ;)!

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