August Goals

Alternate title: Last Month at Home Bucket List.

You. Guys. I leave home in 20 days. For the past, oh, FOREVER that I knew I was moving away for university it always seemed so far away. Heck, it seemed so far away in July. But it wasn’t until my mom and I sat down with a calendar that I realized – three weeks is NOT long! There is, obviously, a ton of stuff that I want to do before I leave home for eight months! And I don’t want to forget anything. Because knowing me, I would wake up in the middle of September freaking out because I didn’t go to X restaurant.


1. Prioritize saving. Yeah…so boring, I know. But guys, the days of a daily $2.50 pack of gum + $2.50 vitamin water need to be over. It doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up soooo so fast. I need that money for the important things, like laptops. And running shoes. (and in total honesty, I totally wrote “Prioritize spending” first…)

2. Eat at all the restaurants. I’m not really the biggest fan of eating out, so I’ve pretty much always said no when my mom asked me to go out to eat. Well, soon I won’t even have that opportunity anymore so now I’m trying to squeeze in all the places she has wanted to go!

lunch2 Fruit, avocado, almond, avocado + chicken salad. Swoon. 

3. Take nothing for granted. I know that when I am suddenly thrown into a 200% new environment and a 20-person bathroom (or however many, I really have no clue) I am going to miss home! So I just want to make sure that I truly appreciate waking up at home, and having the freedom during my summer days to do whatever I please.

4. Finish Harry Potter a L’ecole de Sorciers. So…I’m taking a relatively advanced French class this year, and do you want to know how much French I have done since my final in June? Negative. Yeah. I really don’t want to crash and burn, so I’m going to try and give myself a refresher by powering through this book.


I don’t have any hardcore fitness/nutrition goals. Yes I definitely am working on increasing my running mileage and would LOVE some more muscle, but that’s not my biggest priority right now. I’ll always make it an important part of my life, and I will always strive to be the healthiest possible, but I’m not sure it will be at the top of my list for a looooonnnng time. And that’s just okay. 🙂

Tell me one of your August goals! 

6 thoughts on “August Goals

  1. I’ve actually been meaning to read Harry Potter in French for a long time! I’ve taken about 5 years of French, but the ever since I left high school, my leanring has been pretty sporadic and I only really speak it when I have time to sneak in a class at my university. I hear it’s a great way to solidify the language since most people have already read it before (I’m like on my… 8th time?!) and the words are familiar.

    Also… that salad…. YUM!

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