I Didn’t Feel Like Running.

You guys know how I was all chatty on yesterday about my 8 mile run coming up after I pressed publish? Well, spoiler alert, it didn’t happen.

I was at mile four, 2 miles away from my house and literally wading through water. I was dizzy, nauseous, and most importantly miserable. I was not enjoying 0.02% of my run, and so I thought to myself:

“Why am I still running?” I couldn’t think of a reason, so I stopped.


I got it in my head that if I was going to get back into running, I had to ramp up my milage STAT. No time for base building. Second week back after a two month hiatus: 7 miles, and upwards from there. Maybe not my smartest life decision.

But the thing is, there is no reason for me to feel like I have to run long if I don’t want to! On my walk/jog home, I started thinking a lot about Sarah’s post on a very similar topic – it wasn’t that she didn’t want to run, she just didn’t want to run long. 

As runners, we are always competing with ourselves. Faster pace, longer run, better BQ, bigger negative splits, etc. Well, I’m not a professional runner, and don’t need to put so much pressure on myself. Everything that I do , I want to do 110% – I absolutely throw myself into my job and despise asking for time off or standing around doing nothing. During the school year, I literally study nonstop because I will not accept anything less than perfection.

But running? Running should be pressure-free. The mornings that I bound out of bed because I can’t wait to go for a run, to feel the strength and exhilaration that it brings me – that’s what I want. Hours of dreading a miserable 70 minute run…yeah not so much. 


So there you have it. The 8 miler that wasn’t. There definitely will be long runs in my future – I’ll never give up on Boston – but for now, it’s all about pressure-free running. For myself. 🙂

Do you put too much pressure on yourself? 

8 thoughts on “I Didn’t Feel Like Running.

  1. I think it’s 100% fine that you stopped. I’m the same as you in that when I start getting back into running, I try to go 28324 miles at a ridiculous pace and don’t give myself adequate time to build up my base. I think we both need to realize that it’s okay to take it slow and get your body back into running mode!

    Congrats on a great 4 miles, love!

  2. I’ve totally felt like this before. I think running is such a mental experience. If you don’t WANT to run, you should stop. I know so many people always talk about pushing boundaries and what not, but exercise and running in general shouldn’t been something that feels absolutely miserable. I had a long run scheduled for me and my dad last week, and halfway through we both felt just terrible. We ended up walking the rest,. Two days later we went out for a short run and ended up doing a long run because it was just feeling good. I always set goals for myself that are sometimes just WAY out there. When I went back to running I assumed I would be back overnight. Taking care of your body is way more important than following a schedule! I 100% back your choice in stopping! Good for listening to your body and what it needs x

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