Thinking Out Loud – A Confession.

Back to regularly scheduled programming for Thinking Out Loud! Thanks for hosting the randomness, Amanda. 🙂


1. I dissapeared yesterday. really hate missing posting days for no reason, but I just could not get it together to blog on Wednesday. My circumstances have just changed so that I now need to apply for student loans, and the process is scary and overwhelming. Add the fact that the application only works on internet explorer, which I can’t get at home, and cue nervous panic attack.

2. It’s long run day! On a lighter note, today is my 8 mile run! I would have liked to be done right now, and be blogging about it, but alas, my mother was a bit too chatty this morning and I ended up waiting too long/getting too hungry to just have a banana + PB and get out the door. Yogurt bowl with muesli, banana and pear it was! And now we wait. (worst part of running EVER.)

3. It’s July 31. I literally just realized that this very instant. Tomorrow is August. Can someone tell me where summer went?! Oh well, at least I’m not dreading school start this year. Instead I am actually counting down the days. (27 until we leave. ❤ )


4. Shopping before leaving. You guys, I have SO FREAKING MUCH that I need to buy! I have a list approximately seventeen pages long running on my computer right now. There also happens to be a computer on that list. Goodbye savings account.

5. MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro. I’m 100% buying this on my own, and I am willing to spend the extra money to get a Mac over a PC. It’s what I’m used to, and what I find works the best for me! Now the question is, should I get an Air for its wonderful portability or a Pro because it can do more? I’m not very technological, I’m taking Arts but planning to major in Media Studies and will have to take a few computer science courses. Thoughts?


6. I’m sort of back on the Jillian Michaels train. A while back I said I really disliked her because of her obsession with 1200 calories + exercise, but I listened to one of her recent podcasts on my long run last week and really appreciated everything she had to say! I think its worth it to tune out her annoying calorie comments for the rest of what she has to say, because its a ton of motivational, uplifting content. Definitely needed at the last mile of a run!

7. The chai latte obsession is real. I bought chai tea from David’s Tea so that I can make my own at home, but I am at a total loss as to how! I don’t want to follow most of the recipes online because they come out sooooo sweet, but sometimes subtracting sugar just makes it taste gross. I also hate the ones that mix water + milk. The creamy factor is necessary.


8. I just tried to spell “necessary” five times. I can NEVER get it right! It’s like the word “about” – it was the only one I ever got wrong in 5+ years of elementary school spelling tests. Never got over that.


11 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – A Confession.

  1. 😆 The inability to spell is a real thing. I’m not even going to attempt the word that is the bane of my existence. And while I can’t speak to the Air, I have a Pro and I absolutely love it. I don’t find it overly cumbersome at all, and the fact that it can do more was a real selling point for me. You don’t want a computer that doesn’t let you do everything you need to do — especially if you plan on having it for years and years!

  2. I would definitely recommend the MacBook Pro! Many college books have CD’s that have helpful study material, and there is no cd drive on the air. You may also need special software for your classes that needs to be installed by a disk! I had one for 3 years of college (the logic board died) and I absolutely loved it.

  3. I missed you blogging, but I can totally understand that life has to come first! I’ll be thinking of you and sending so much positivity and motivation your way! Loans are so tough to deal with, so I hope everything goes SO smoothly! I have a love/hate thing with Jillian. About 90% of what she says is so motivational and inspiring, so I think it’s worth ignoring the 10% about calories and annoying stuff like that. I think overall she has a good message to spread. Also, can you believe that tomorrow’s August. I still am in denial. Months have a funny way of flying by during the summer! As for spelling, I never fully type out ‘definitly’ (it literally took me 5 minutes to get that spelled properly), I just write def because I’m now well aware of my incapability of spelling it. I suppose we have other good qualities despite bad spelling xx

  4. Hah I am the same way in the AM when there’s plans. Yesterday for instance: joining my brothers for a morning hike, I sipped a quick mug of coffee as per their ordering of “no time for breakfast”. Well, I was livid when an hour later we hadn’t left yet and I was too hungry to move out!
    Oh MACbooks! I was — this close to getting one a few months back, but being completely unfamiliar with them (I’m a Window’s human).. I opted for a LAPTAB <-best thing ever by the way.
    Don't even start on the N word… it kills me. Every.time.

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