Eat All The Chocolate.

Morning, friends! I’m currently working on making an obscenely unphotogenic recipe look attractive. Things aren’t going so well, so I collected my all-time favourite recipes to bridge the gap.

There’s something in common with them all…


I’m not sure what it is lately, but I have just been craving ALL. THE. CHOCOLATE. All the time. It’s basically been an “every meal and every snack” occurrence around here. Not that I’m complaining…

P.S. Dark chocolate with sea salt is a perfect breakfast appetizer.

Double Chocolate Mug Cake via Running With Spoons


This is a bit of an oldie but AMAZING(ie?). I make this multiple times per week. It is literally like eating chocolate cake and in my opinion there is no greater breakfast in existence.

Raspberry Molten Lava Cake via Chocolate Covered Katie


Hmm…two cakes in a row…now that’s not suspicious at all! When I was younger my mom’s friend used to make these lava cakes that were to DIE FOR. I would literally drool at the thought of them. I (sadly) can’t quite remember what they taste like anymore, but I know that this one is seriously delectable. Also breakfast worthy.

Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies via Gimme Some Oven


So, for some reason unknown to me I haven’t tried these yet, but HOLY MAN ALIVE do they look delicious. For some reason we have no all purpose flour (?) but hopefully I will find some STAT and make these babies.


Chocolate Chip Granola Bars via The PB Lover

Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

My first favourite thing about these bars is that they are DELECTABLE. Seriously, I’ve been on a major granola bar kick recently, but my wallet hates me too much when I do the store-bought thing. But granola bars without chocolate are just a sad crunchy oats, in my opinion. My second favourite thing is that Katherine did the exact same thing as me and searched FOREVER to find a recipe and none of them were perfect. #storyofmylife. Only difference is, she made her own amazing version. I’m not quiiiiite there yet, but just you wait. Until then, thank you Katherine. 🙂

What is your favourite chocolate recipe?!


6 thoughts on “Eat All The Chocolate.

  1. When anything fails you…chocolate will save you.
    – Proverbs of my mind and the opinion of everybody else on this planet.

    CHOCOLATE WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN! Hehe. Yummy pics! Chocolate ties life together. Chocolate shares all of our most emotional moments 🙂

  2. Aaah we’re on the same wavelength: Lindt Chiili has been my breakfast [dessert] of choice a few days in a row. Don’t forget.. chocolate counts as salad – when reflected on deeply 😉 ?!

    • YAY US breakfast dessert rockstars. I’ve been too scared to try the Chilli variety because I am suuuch a wimp when it comes to spices. 😉 And absolutely, without a doubt. Chocolate comes from a plant = salad. Obvious. ❤

  3. Okay I am SO stupid. I read this post and was like ‘Oh my gosh all these recipes look amazing, I wish I could make something like this’, and then I realized that the granola was my recipe. I’m so dumb! But thank you SO much for mentioning me. It’s so crazy to say this, but for the longest time I wasn’t a chocolate fan. I know, I know. Surreal. But now I love it. I seriously can’t get enough. I guess I have to make up for all those lost years. Chocolate Covered Katie is def the jackpot for chocolaty recipes, and the fact that they’re healthy makes them all the more better! Hopefully you’re having a lovely week xx

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