Coming Back After a Running Break.

MARK. MY. WORDS. I am never taking a break from running again! The week of my half marathon I literally did a leg workout and then ran 3 miles @ 8:12 / mile all BEFORE breakfast barely breaking a sweat. This week? I ran 4 miles @ 8:15 pace and have never been so wiped out in my life. My easy runs used to be 8:30-8:40 and now they are upwards of 9:20. This is after only 2 months of minimal running! I know that’s to be expected, but YIKES. Running is freaking hard!

tired-halfThat feeling that used to come at mile 10? Hello mile 2. 

I know I can’t continue to run once or twice a week and expect to get back where I was. But I also don’t want to go back to ONLY running, barely doing any strength training and feeling like a one trick pony! I’m definitely going to continue lifting heavy, since muscles rock, and I also got a 2 week yoga pass that I would love to turn into a semi-regular habit.

As we know I am the definition of Type A, I need a plan to be successful at anything. SO this is my plan to get back into running while maintaining/becoming an overall (injury-free) balanced athlete!

Running: 3x/week. Yeah none of those everyday morning runs over here. I am going to do the typical: 1 easy, 1 fast and 1 long. The fast will more than likely be tempo since my speedwork tends to be “sprint all out for 1 rep until you can’t walk”. 😉 And my “long” run goal right now is a one hour run! I don’t care how far I get, I just want to be out there for sixty minutes.

Lifting: I’ve been toying with the idea of 3x full body workouts, but leg day needs to be just that – LEGS. So I’m going to stick with 2x upper body and 2x lower body. On one of the upper body days I will do a quick 3 miler after my workout, or run 2 miles to the gym and 2 miles home. Listening to the body!


Yoga: I like yoga, but I never feel like I get a great workout from it, so I’m going to do this either in the evening after I already worked out to stretch/relax, or on an off day.

Basically, my ideal week is going to look like this:

Monday: upper body + easy 3 miles + yoga (if Monday, not Tuesday)

Tuesday: lower body + abs + yoga (if Tuesday, not Monday)

Wednesday: tempo run (3-6 miles where some of them hurt)

Thursday: upper body + abs

Friday: morning: 1 hour run; afternoon: lower body + short cycle

Saturday: OFF or one of the above if I skipped it on Friday

Sunday: OFF.

Obviously, this is going to last for 33 more days before shit hits the fan everything changes, so I’m not expecting MAJOR results, I’m just excited to feel like a runner again!

Have you ever taken a running/break from your sport? How did you get back into it? 


8 thoughts on “Coming Back After a Running Break.

  1. I took a long break from running in May, and I’ve just gotten back to the paces I wanted to be at! You’ll get there in no time, especially with your training schedule!

    I love your workout schedule. I’ve been doing lots of power yoga and weights/pilates combo with running mixed in there! While yoga never seems like a major workout to me, it has helped my running lots!

  2. I’ve taken a month break before and it’s not easy getting back into it, but my times did improve significantly when I was patient and kept training even though I felt slower!! I also think yoga really helped me become a faster runner this season so far!

  3. Love your schedule – its very similar to mine. I am training for my first half and have added strength training into my workout schedule to keep my legs and upper body strong! Good luck with your routine, you will be back in shape in no time!X

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