Thinking Out Loud – Killer Bumblebees.

I’m going to make this intro quick today, because I am STARVING! It’s 9:10am and I haven’t had breakfast yet. This is blasphemy. Thanks so much to Amanda for hosting Thinking Out Loud, and giving all of our crazy randomness free reign!


1. Canadian bumblebees are monsters. I kid you not, on my way to work yesterday afternoon I saw a bee crawling on the ground the size of my big toe. I wanted to take a picture but I was terrified it’s laser eyes would see it and instantly murder me. I almost got hit by a car trying to walk around it. 

2. The running itch is coming back. Man I love the feeling of lifting and seeing those muscles in the mirror, but this girl has a marathon to run! (Eventually…nowhere in the near future). I WILL run Boston someday which sort of requires me to be semi-adequate at running. Also the fact that there is nothing that makes me feel like a superstar as much as distance running.


3. The world should be frightened in sixteen days. This girl will be LEGAL and set loose on the world! Apple breezers, I’m comin’ for ya. Also margaritas and liquer hot chocolate because I’m that girl.

4. Politics are SO HARD to understand! All jokes aside, the #1 thing I’m most excited about turning eighteen is being able to vote! I’ve been trying to read HuffingtonPost and Macleans articles to politically educate myself but man…no luck yet. There seems to be so much schmoozing/bias in the articles that I cannot for the life of me formulate an opinion. I KNOW, Emma doesn’t have an opinion? Insanity.

5. “Man survives on cheese pizza for 25 years.” Um, thanks HuffingtonPost? I don’t even want to click on the article for fear of what awaits me. It reminds me of the story (not sure if it’s true!) of the eleven year old girl that died a couple of years ago because she refused to eat anything but Ramen noodles. Gotta love parenting.

cheese-pizzaEvery. Day. [source.]

6. I’m not getting kicked out of university! I finnnallly got my diploma marks back last week. I honestly did not care what the results were, as long as my English mark didn’t drop 20% so UBC wouldn’t kick me out. It ended up going up 1% thanks to owning the written response essays (and notsomuch the reading comp), so SUCCESS. I didn’t need to submit math but I got a solid 75%, much better than the 7% I was expecting. 😉 Vancouver here I come!

7. 33 days. I had a mini freak out yesterday. I am moving out in ONE. MONTH. Cue panic attack. I don’t even know how to do laundry! And what do I do when something bad happens and I can’t just talk to my dear mother? YIKES. The real world is freaking scary. And university isn’t even the “real” real world.

8. I want pancakes. BUT I’M JUST SO LAZY. I’ve had too many pancake failures to count, so now I’m terrified of attempting them. I am so going to be that girl making french toast in the microwave. 



7 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – Killer Bumblebees.

  1. This sounds really bad, but I have basically no idea what is happening in politics. I keep telling myself that I’ll educate myself more, but it’s pretty daunting! And pizza for 25 years straight? YUCK. I would get so sick of it after a week haha.

  2. I become legal in 3 months, and I’m freaking out. Afkjsdfl when did we get so old? And is it just me or have bugs in general been getting bigger? Bees, cockroaches, all of them seem HUGE lately. Also, I totally think you could run Boston one day. If you do, I’ll be cheering you on (maybe through the internet, maybe I’ll be running too 🙂 )

    • I felt suuuuuper old when I turned seventeen, but for some reason eighteen sounds young again to me! I think it’s because right know we are the “oldest kids” and soon we will be the “youngest adults”. And YES to Boston. 10 000 YESSES.

  3. Okay I’ve been seeing an insane amount of bees on the ground lately, and I have no idea what the heck is going on with them. I do hope they’re doing okay, though — I like bees! And you know the sad thing about being legal in Alberta? You’re not really legal anywhere else 😆 This was a real kick in the pants for me when I turned 18 and then started travelling 😡

  4. That is so much pizza… how does anyone do that?? I could never live such a boring life, haha 🙂

    Can you drink in Canada at 18? I thought it was 19 there! Everything is happening so soon for you! You must be so excited!!! 🙂

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