Squat Heavier Leg Workout. (Time Efficient!)

Can I get three cheers for a new squat personal best?

I don’t know how much it reeeealllyy counts, since my last couple of reps of each set were a teensy bit questionable, but I did it so I’m counting it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In 5 weeks, I’ve gone from squatting 45lbs (just the bar) to 95lbs (bar + 50lbs)! I’m not very close to my ultimate goal of a bodyweight squat (yet) but I am DEFINITELY making major progress and decided to share how I did it!

*I’m not a personal trainer! This is the leg workout I’ve been doing thanks to 10 years of weight training experience, trainers at my gym and the lovely world wide web. Make sure you modify for yourself as necessary. ๐Ÿ™‚ *

I tried to do the whole “Do my set, rest” thing that is touted to be such an amazing muscle building technique. I JUST GOT SO BORED. When I go to the gym, I like to leave knowing that I WORKED the whole time, and didn’t spend half of it sweating all over the bench. But I definitely realize that my quads/butt need to rest between sets of squats, so I came up with supersets that alternate hard/heavy work with more plyo/bodyweight style moves! No burpees though. Never burpees.


I also aaaalways start with squats because if I wait then my legs already hate me too much to do anything awesome. Which is why I spend my entire warmup staring at the squat rack.ย 

Superset One:

3 x 8 barbell back squat

3 x 20 calf raises with pause


Superset Two:

4 x 8 deadlift

4 x 10 (per side) lateral lunge


Superset Three:

4 x 8 leg press

4 x 10 back lunge


Superset Four:

4 x 10 Smith Machine calf raise

4 x 10 jump squats


Depending on how I feel, I sometimes finish with this wonderful contraption that works your lower back.ย I have absolutely NO idea what it is called but youย start with your torso supported, and the top of your head facing the floor. Then lift yourself up so your entire body is parallel with the floor!

0706_back_extensionThis thing.ย 


And now I can’t move. In total, this workout takes less than 30 minutes, but does NOT feel like it. AKA try not to stare at the clock every 2 minutes. Just have fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tell me your favourite leg workout!ย 

4 thoughts on “Squat Heavier Leg Workout. (Time Efficient!)

  1. I’m bookmarking this workout! I just did a ton of burpees this morning. Seriously, hell is a place where you do burpees for all eternity. They are the absolute worst! And yayyy! Congrats on a new personal squatting best! You go girl xx

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